Woodland “welcome” card

Woodland welcome cardCard making with Torendi has been such a FUN experience! I love thinking of what occasions are “celebrate-able” and how I can honor them. I’ve never made anything to welcome someone – a new neighbor, a new co-worker for example. I wanted to use Fabric Mod Podge this week, and I wanted to welcome someone. I did both of those things with my Welcome Card above.


  • Fabric Mod Podge (prepare the fabric with it before cutting)
  • Fabric: Canvas Mushroom
  • Cardstock: American Crafts (green), K&Company (blue sky), Basic Gray (brown)
  • Punch: Fiskars corner rounder
  • Circle Cutter or circle punches
  • Stamp: Image Tree Wooden Rubber Stamps, Antique Typerwriter
  • Ink: W R Memory Keepers Teen Angst
  • Ribbon: from Torendi’s October kit “Joy”
  • Adhesive: Glue Dots and Tacky Glue
  • Accents: Buttons and Mini Pop Dots to raise the circles


  1. says

    The mushrooms are absolutely darling! I am a beginner to the world of card making but I am enjoying it thoroughly. Once I figured out that I could stay in my comfort zone with colors I liked it’s made the biggest difference! My goal is to have a card for every holiday.. so I’ve been BUSY!

  2. Mauby says

    I am making fabric covered cork boards for my office! Using mod podge of course! :)

    And possibly another fabric covered shoe box…

  3. AscenderRisesAbove says

    I am working on acrylics on canvas this weekend; on a tile; and thinking of collaging on a file cabinet *and* *perhaps* some paint by numbers.

  4. Donna says

    This weekend I am working on end tables for my bedroom. I am trying to narrow down the patterns I will create Mod Podge magic on! I really appreciate your site. I have been using Mod Podge in projects for years and years! This is a great place for more inspiration!

  5. Just Junque says

    This weekend I am going to be PAINTING! All weekend!! Wooohooo! I have a whole box of glassware and a cool end table that I cant wait to get my hands on!

  6. MissyInspired says

    I am going to finish the jewelry box for my daughter decoupaging with Mod Podge of course!!

  7. Heidi@TheCraftMonkey says

    I LOVE the mushrooms on that card!! so cute! This weekend, I’m hoping to finish a sign that I’ve been “not” working on for awhile now!

  8. Melissa says

    I have two things on my list to create this weekend. A paper covered picture frame. and a HULA HOOP!

  9. Brockett's says

    Ooooh! I’m first. I’m going to make a quilt block for a quilt along I’m in. I haven’t gotten to it all week. Can’t wait to do it now.

  10. Catherine says

    My 5yo son is throwing a “Winter Halloween” party on Sunday, so I’ll be making a tablecloth, garland, spooky edibles, etc. He’s got quite a plan and is thrilled that he finally gets to be a party “host”. I’ll be a busy, busy mom. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Callie Callender says

    I would love a starter pack!
    I plan to decorate a picture frame for my nephew for his easter pics! :-)

  12. frugalrocks says

    Hmmm….so many things I want to make this week and so little time, but I’m thinking something with all the old book pages I have!

  13. Jessica says

    this weekend i am creating some appliqued tie tee shirts to sell in a local boutique.
    i want to create a set of blocks that say “spring” w/ paper and modge podge, but that will have to wait until the money maker items are done :)

  14. scrappinqueen1 says

    Awesome card! Love using fabric! I’m going to be working on , and hopefully finishing, a big framed picture of my two girl and their hands painted on paper. It’s almost like a huge scrapbook page for their grandmother’s b-day. Also making a really cute vase of paper flowers using some Modge Podge of course :}

  15. Heather O'Pry says

    I love making cards. I have never used modge podge fabric for cards, I have always scrapbooked them. Such a cool idea that I will have to try. Card making is so easy and means so much to other people that you not only think of them, but actually took time to make a card for them. This weekend I will be working on two birthday cards for a 5 year old and 3 year old little boy that my son’s plays with.

  16. abundantlyblessed says

    I’m hoping to find just the right paper to do a spring collage!


  17. CPat says

    Love love love the little deer and mushrooms! That’s the fabric??!? I just found you courtesy of CraftTestDummies, and I am thrilled! I have been wanting to decoupage my back door forever. Looking forward to exploring your blog further! Thanks!

  18. Leah the Orange says

    oooh, that card is SO cute, Amy! i love the fabric – Torendi is full of great stuff! i’ve been seeing more fun printed fabrics show up in cards and i’m LOVING it! (our Wal-Mart is getting rid of their fabric section, and everything is 75% off!)

    this weekend, i’m going FABRIC SHOPPING and i’m actually thinking of making a bag for a friend, but it’s more likely i’ll at least finish up the button embellishments i’ve been working on. :)

    happy friday!

  19. Donna VW says

    I am hoping to take a few hours to clean up my craft room and then get a few cards made.

  20. K. says

    new to the whole decoupage thing. would like to try the outdoor stuff. anyone had luck with it? ideas and input welcome!

  21. Melanie says

    I have so much to do this weekend! I hope I get to do some crafting too. FABRIC Mod Podge? Hmmm….. Could think up several used for that!

  22. Joanna says

    I’ll be embellishing a few tees for my friend’s little girl this weekend! Plus, I’ve got some ModPodge recipe card separators to work on :)

  23. mommy2luke2008 says

    Well, I would like to find time to make the Faux Antique Window that MaryJane and Galoshes posted about this week!!
    maryw1981 at yahoo dot com

  24. -Shaken, not stirred says

    This weekend I’m making some fab mothers day photo frames for my mother and future mother in law.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. Diana in Sioux Falls says

    LOVE the card. Beautiful. Mushrooms, deer, fabric, the colors . . . all wonderful.

  26. Savannah O'Gwynn says

    I’ve got several orders to finish this weekend and some DT projects to get ahead on…

    20 TOU cards
    50 Baby shower invites
    25 Mother’s day cards

    YIKES:) Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. Jo says

    I’m going to make a Spring wreath for the door this week..thanks for the giveaway – Mod Podge rocks!

  28. Aelysium says

    This weekend I’m making bracelets out of paper and mod podge. This one of my very favorite crafts, and I’m hoping to pump out a few and get them into my Etsy shop. Thanks for the awesome giveaways! One of these days I will win!

  29. Kelly says

    very fun! I must admit, I use Mod Podge on paper all the time, but I’ve never heard of Fabric Mod Podge. Must try that out! I’m guessing it keeps the fabric from fraying? I just might make some fun little fabric pins this week with it. :-) Love this blog.

  30. kay says

    This weekend I will be altering my ill-fitting costume for a dance performance–we’ll see how that goes.

  31. Kelli @ RTSM says

    I picked up a couple of really old sewing machine drawers at a resale shop a few months ago, and I am thinking about fixing them up! Spray painting the outside & Mod Podging the inside with some cute paper!

  32. chriswooten57 says

  33. Steph says

    I’ll be thinking about how to make a bench cushion.

    I’ve always wanted to try fabric modgepodge as well.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. aj says

    This weekend, I plan to create several fabulous meals for my household to celebrate Ostara. I’m also planning on creating a couple more crocheted market bags. I seem to have a strange fascination with making them, which is good because our household definitely uses them!

  35. Brittany says

    I’m making cards for Aidyn-mans birthday. They are going to be trains, and he is going to be the conductor. It will be given out as a tag with his birthday bags! :)

    Love these give-a-ways! Thanks!

  36. Laura says

    I’m cutting out fabric for two baby quilts. I don’t know who they’ll be for–but usually by the time I get a shower invitation, there’s not enough time left to make something like this, so I’m trying to build up a small stockpile of handmade gifts.

  37. kristib says

    I have an empty oatmeal canister that I’m dying to convert to something useful, so I’ve got Mod Podge on the brain. Now, what to put in it?

    earlkristib at gmail

  38. the thrifty ba says

    im modge podge-ing a star wars sign/picture for my 6 yr olds bedroom.
    thats how we roll here-all star wars all the time…

  39. Chelle says

    I’m hoping to create some baby bedding…of course that’s been my goal for almost 2 weeks now & all I’ve created are yummy dinners instead.

  40. Chantel and Michael Magistro says

    I’m hoping to finish the mail holder I’m making, I’ve been working on it on and off for a while now. I could really use some mod podge to motivate me to finish it :-)

    sweetest_kitten@hotmail dot com


  41. Rachel says

    This weekend I’m mending some clothes… not exciting but necessary. My favorite jeans need to be fixed!

  42. Tanner ♥ Chaya says

    I’m going to try to make my family sign that I have been putting off for a while!
    8_princess at cox dot net

  43. Amy@OCD: Obsessive Creative Disorder says

    I’ll be cleaning house this weekend and maybe making a few rolled fabric roses! :)

  44. miss corner cape says

    i would like to make something with wooden letters, maybe for my friends who just got their first house, or those wooden signs that say “home.”

    i just bought mod podge last week for this very project, but more can’t hurt!

  45. Summer Rae says

    I am making some Easter decorations (with Mod Podge of course!) and working on my duvet cover!

  46. says

    I am going to make a new journal to play in but this time with black paper. I think the possibilities will be endless and interesting. But then again I may make it and be totally stumped with what to use to make my mark inside. And I definitely need to make a few postcards. I made my first mod podge collage postcard and sent it to Italy. I forgot to scan it first. Oh well!! Now I’ll just have to make another.

  47. Caitlin says

    I am redo-ing our end tables and lamps in the living room! MY FIRST EVER MOD PODGE & DECOUPAGE PROJECT!!!

  48. jengd says

    As long as our munchkin isn’t getting sick, I’m transforming our dump of a house and ingredient-packed refrigerator into a party for 12. :)

  49. Rob & Cami says

    I’m going to finish covering my filing cabinet with fabric and mod podge! All inspired by this wonderful website!

  50. Carol in E TN says

    I hope to be able to make some cards this weekend! Also, plan my garden!!! Yeah spring!

  51. cartilong says

    I bought a styrofoam head that I plan to decoupage. I just have to decide what to put on it.

  52. says

    Making jewelry with my girlies. We’ve been looking at beads, but now I’m thinking I want to try some fiber beads like the ones I bought recently from Alisa Burke. Wore them today to many compliments. They don’t demand Mod Podge, but I can see it working… I’m thinking Sparkle!

  53. ShellyDee says

    Love the give-a-way!
    This weekend I’m scrapping my four year old twins birthday party at Chuck E Cheese pics into two mini albums-one for each!

  54. Marilyn says

  55. Betsy J says

    I’m planning on making some notebooks,hopefully( mod podge as the medium, of course) and venturing into the wide, wide world of fabric flower making.:)
    Thanks for the great ideas!

  56. Brenda is SO Blessed says

    I am sewing a bedskirt, painting a bathroom, mod podgeing some wooden letters, and possibly making some cards– elemets made with mod podge

  57. Dayna says

    Awesome card!! I’m not going to be creating much this weekend:( Because hubby and I are going away for the weekend woo-hoo :)
    Thanks for the chance to win!!
    corrdl22 at yahoo dot com

  58. Bethany says

  59. says

  60. kenziekylanmom says

    I just love all of the mod podge projects that you showcase on your blog! So many creative ladies out there…thanks for finding and blogging about them.

  61. Red Charlotte says

    I’d really love to get this set to experiment more with the different types of Mod Podge!

  62. Kathy says

    I wish I could create tomorrow, but first clean out and organize. Good motovation to get it done so I can craft.

  63. Heather K says

    I will be making a decopodge picture that says “I Am A Child Of God” for my daughters room. Torn scrapbook paper, mod podge, and framed with an old window.

  64. Bree says

  65. Laura says

    Going to be creating a 9 1/2″ wooden letter covered with kiwi paper, a “private beach” plaque, & a wooden coat hook for the kiddos room! =)

  66. Tales From My Empty Nest says

    Thanks for a great giveaway!! I will be making cards this weekend. I attend a card class once a month and we make cards together. Love & blessings from NC!

  67. Sheena Kocher says

    I am planning on cutting the tops off of old cereal boxes, wrapping them in either scrapbook paper or wrapping paper and then using them as magazine/paper holds. You have such an awesome blog! I love it!!!

  68. SUPAHMAMA! says

    i’m finishing up TWO projects, one are door hangers for my toddlers bedroom doors. one side reads “dream” the other “play” for both in different papers and i’m also finishing up some trays to use for display. WHEW, mod podge DOES rock!!!

  69. Kristina says

  70. Parrotts says

    Aww, that card is too cute.

    Unfortunately, I’ll be creating lots of notes for the classes I’m taking…I’m too far behind thanks to reading cool blogs such as yours!

  71. Alison says

    I will be creating some birthday cards. Well, I should at least, since there are many family birthdays coming soon!

  72. Mythreesons says

  73. Heidi says

    Creating ‘inspiration cards’ to post around the house to help w/ weight loss goals! Of course they must be cute :)
    colorvibrant (at) gmail (dot) com

  74. greetingarts says

    Actually, I’m making a felt sandwich right now, for a little girl’s 5th birthday party tomorrow. Hope I finish in time!

  75. Janine says

    This weekend I’m creating a more organized craft space. I have a large walk-in closet where I store all of my stuff and, up until last night it was a complete mess. I made the decision this week when I purchased a few items then later discovered that I already had them! They were just lost in the closet. My project started last night when I emptied the closet out. Today the job will be a little more challenging as I sort through this stuff and make some kind of sense out of it.
    You can see that I’m off to a great start this morning…on the computer, commenting on blogs….LOL :)

  76. Kim says

    Found you from Crap and I’m super intrigued. I’ve never used ModPodge but I am getting more and more daring so I’d love to start!

  77. Bridget says

  78. jvlt says

    I just finished a beading bracelet project last night. I will work on a Sunday school craft today for the kids tomorrow. But, my main focus this weekend is going to be cleaning up the house!!! So, I am going to try and create a clean environment I guess.

  79. Debra says

    This weekend I will be finishing up four disney themed dresses for my girls. On my to do list is also decoupaging a jornal to give as a gift and prettying up a box that we put daily reflections of our lives in.
    Of course my want to do list is super long and maybe I may get a weekend to craft all alone without any kiddos in the near future…that would be heaven :)

  80. Tami says

    I’m never going to win am I?

    I’m at a standstill. I have several items to redo but I don’t have any creative juices right now. I need some ideas! STAT!

  81. Becky says

    This weekend I’m trying my hand at quilting with paper!

    beckyfdavis at comcast dot net

  82. holisticgal says

    Hi-Excited about the giveaway!! Thank you. I have created *order.* Moved a second-hand (freebie) cabinet into the office and put a buncha supplies and papers away-all behind closed doors and drawers. Yeay!-space. I also created gift boxes/handle boxes by opening up empty cracker boxes and (oatmeal individual pack) boxes (destined for the trash), turned them inside out, hot glued them back together again, and will decorate the outsides (with mod podge, of course!). Punch holes in each side, string ribbon or string through to use as a handle. This idea was from the first issue of the Green Craft magazine, and also from mayamade.blogspot.com. That girl knows how to re-purpose recyclables, lemmee tell ya! Have a great weekend!
    [email protected]

  83. Kristine Robinson says

    Huge fan of Mod Podge thanks to Char at Crap I’ve Made – I really think I need to win! I am going to create some fabulous clothespins with my kids this weekend!

  84. faith says

    To be honest, I’m not creating a whole lot this weekend.. but I am spending a lot of time with my almost week old baby boy. I would love a mod podge starter set for projects around the corner!

  85. Sophia & Cameron says

    This weekend I made a baby girl outfit for a baby shower, & picked up some picture frames to cover in fabric (with mod podge) and string with ribbons to make hair bow holders. Also, if I can find the time (that is a big if) I plan on making some little boy pants for an expecting friend.

  86. Stacey says

    This weekend I am creating a lesson for church. Busy busy busy weekend means no crafts for me :(

  87. Snoozie says

    I am making a menu chalk board, distressed shelf, and repainting a disaster ~ candle sticks.

  88. Maggi says

    That card is adorable!!! I’m working on some layouts and thinking about how to save a vintage scrapbook this weekend!

  89. Sela says

    I think I missed the giveaway :(
    I’m working on some mod-podged letters for my kiddos’ room. I’ve been wanting to do their names but haven’t yet, so now I have all the supplies, here I go!

  90. Cris says

    I use Modge Podge EVERY weekend for a nice thick finish on my original folk art paintings! On top of crackle and antiquing, Modge Podge makes the paintings look almost like old leather! I love it!

  91. Swedie says

    This week I am Mod Podging some coasters for Christmas gifts. I need to make about a dozen sets.. and I would LOVE to win some Mod Podge!


  92. creativejewishmom.com says

    love the cute card, and the sentiment! thanks so much for linking up at creativejewishmom.com
    take care xoxoxoxoSara

  93. Judy says

    This would be a great prize to win. I’ve been thinking about picking up some Mod Podge for a while, but was unsure just where to begin. Your starter pack giveaway would be perfect!

    Love your card and blog.


  94. the momma says

    Right now I’m diggin’ the whole Civil Twilight CD–that’s our most recent ITunes purchase!