Spring is springing very soon

Decoupage clay potsI don’t know about you, but I’m so ready for spring. I’m also ready to fix up the lame, plain clay pots I have housing my plants on the porch of Mod Podge Command Central. I like the ones shown above by Christine of lavender and limes. So simple, so cute and for the small pots you can use one larger scrap of fabric from your stash. For the big pots, you could still use fabric from your stash – just piece it together in patchwork-like fashion. Before you start, head here to Christine’s blog to get her step-by-step. Don’t forget to use Outdoor Mod Podge – then you can keep these outside without fear.


  1. Queenmothermamaw says

    What a wonderful idea. Did not know about outdoor Modge Podge. Also plan to use your post idea for gourds. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jenglamgirl says

    Hi Amy~ I am so ready for spring.. bring it on please! It pouring raing here! if you would like you can check out the blog i just posted on a mod podged wood letter “E” for Easter.. with napkins! as well as mod podged napkin easter eggs. Craftomaniac.blogspot.com

  3. Swedie says

    Don’t you get water stains on the fabric when you use the pot for plants?


  4. Yay! DIY says

    Hi Amy! I LOVE these fabric covered flower pots! My co-blogger, Lia, is OBSESSED with painting flower pots – its such an easy way (though not using modge podge) to really brighten up those pots – whether for outside or around the house. You can see hers here:

    Love you blog!
    Erin at YAYDIY.com

  5. Amanda says

    Love the pots, so cute! Dare I say whimsical?? I love patterned papers and fabrics these days :)

  6. Leslie says

    I never thought to update clay pots with the ‘podge. I am going to have to get started on this right now!

    Thx for commenting @ Our Soft Spot! I am off to check out more of your blog!


  7. Holly says

    So pretty and perfect for planting. I must make some of these. Outdoor Mod Podge! I didn’t know that existed…I was happy to buy/find the shimmer Mod Podge yesterday.

  8. pam says

    Yay! I just happen to have some Out Door Mod Podge! What a perfect project for using it! And for testing how well it handles moisture!