A big soda lid turns into a clock

Mod-Podge-bottle-top-clockI’ve been wanting to Mod Podge a clock for awhile, so I was tickled when I found this one by Sarah at Blue Castle. Sarah is great at seeing that something can be salvaged and then executing her vision using a wide variety of supplies including Mod Podge and spray paint. You know I love Mod Podge, but I also secretly love spray paint and that is what Sarah used to revamp this clock. To get the look, simply spray paint your clock (or basecoat and then paint) and then add a graphic using Mod Podge to the front.

Of course you’ll make sure to remove the clock mechanism beforehand, won’t you? Or at least cover it so you don’t get Mod Podge in there, right?


  1. Leah the Orange says

    oooh, this is SO cute! i love vintage-inspired clocks, and this would look great in a funky retro kitchen!

  2. Wendy says

    This is a cute idea, you know what it reminded me of? A fluted pan, can’t remember what they are used for, if you could find an old metal one. That would work great! Love this blog.

  3. BlueCastle says

    Thank you for the feature, Amy! :) I love that your blog is dedicated to one of the things I can’t live without – Mod Podge. So much fun.

    FYI: I had a reader suggest that you can use tart pans for this clock. They would work beautifully for this project.

    Thanks again, Amy – YOU rock. :)