You’ll never know how much olive you

IMG_0100Tiffany from Gus & Lulu made this cute-enough-to-inch jar of knitted olives for her husband’s birthday in December, but when I saw it I also thought that it might be perfect for a loved one for Valentine’s Day. She didn’t use Mod Podge on the olives, but she did use it on the lid (letters = hello trusty die cutter). Knitting and Mod Podging are my two favorite crafty pursuits, so I found this apropos. Check out Tiffany’s entry about this craft right here. I’ve also found a knitted olive pattern for you – go here.


  1. Simply Sara says

    That is SO cute!
    Now, I REALLY need to learn how to knit…. :)
    Thanks for sharing such a fun and unique project!

  2. Cha Cha says

    Hey, I just got a new follower because you wrote about me on twitter, Thanks a bunch. I have no understanding of twitter, you tech savvy girls are so cool, one day I’ll wrap me wee little brain around it all. Thanks for the love. I love you site and just realize your a GA girl too. GA Mod Podger’s Rock

    Cha Cha

  3. Jen says

    well hello! And thanks so much for stopping by {with grace & lace}. i love to make new blog friends!

    that jar is absolutely adorable. so perfect for love day. i am definitely not gifted enough to make something like that but a girl can dream right?!

  4. Susan says

    those are awesome! I wonder if there is a crochet pattern for olives? I will be listening Sunday night to Inspired At Home radio show on blogtalk radio.

  5. lulu says

    Thanks Amy and MPR readers! I’m so glad you like my olives!

    And don’t be afraid to give it a try, they’re surprisingly easy to knit up!

  6. 2sisters says

    that’s darling! I laughed so hard at the thought of making this for my hubby, he hates olives! my son on the other hand….