Shrine for your loved one

Mod Podge DIY shrine

I’m one of those chicks with double standards. I’m not going to make a boyfriend shrine, but if he makes one for me, hey – I’m not going to turn it away! I can’t say I wouldn’t love it if he made me a special gift like this one from Diana at Confessions of a Craftaholic. I love the how and why behind this shrine, and Diana really has a way with words, so I think you should read her post yourself right here. I’m off to make a pug shrine – I’m not beyond doing one for the dogs.


  1. pIper says

    This is such a great idea. I wonder if I can get my act together in time for Valentine’s Day and make one for my hubby.

  2. Txlonestargal says

    I love the shrines. I had a question….if your box is metal…do you need to sand it to put glitter on it. Crafty Chica suggested sanding it, painting then glitter. I really don’t want to paint them since they are painted already.

    I found $1 metal mailboxes at Target in the Dollar Spot. I wanted to make them look fancy with glitter. Crafty Chica said to seal it also….with what?