Recycled organizer project, only a month late

Recycled desk organizerI’m pretty sure that January was National Organization Month – you’ll have to forgive me that I couldn’t get it together (aka, organized) to post projects for it. Ah, I crack myself up. Luckily, I have you, the wonderful craft community, to pull it together when I can’t.

Kathy from Creative Home Expressions created this organizer out of a napkin holder, and it’s nothing short of genius. I love how she added the dividers (also recycled) and then embellishments. Go here so that you can be impressed too.


  1. Sara says

    Thanks for stopping by! But now I’m way embarrassed because you clearly know a thing or two about mod podge and my project was really my second attempt at using it. Please forgive any errors :)

    I’ll be following along with your craftiness!

  2. Miss Bella Lou and Holly says

    This is very cute! A little inspiration to get organzied myself. Thanks for sharing :)


  3. pam says

    Very cute organizer! Where would we be if we didn’t have Mod Podge!

    I can hardly keep up with all the great projects you are constantly posting! Thank you for all you hard work to keep us in touch with what others are doing with their magic Mod Podge!

  4. concretenprimroses says

    Very cute organizer.
    I decoupage as well. Afriend and I are starting a women’s monthly craft group. Bring your own or do something with the hostess’ help and/or supplies. I’m going to have decoupage supplies on hand for those who want to learn. Thank goodness for mod podge! I’m checking out your projects for ideas. Thanks

  5. Maggi says

    That is lovely!

    Wait, January was National Organization Month? I thought is was National Procrastinators Month! 😛

  6. Kitschalicious says

    WOW! That is impressive! I’m always looking for creative ways to get organized and this idea is wonderful!

  7. 2sisters says

    Kathy does the cutest things. I’ve seen this and loved it. What genious to recycle the napkin holder. She guested for us last week.