Make a cardboard box oven

Make a cardboard box ovenYes, it’s exactly what it looks like – a play oven from Ashley at Ashley’s Craft Corner. Isn’t it the cutest thing YOU’VE EVER SEEN?!? She even painted the inside silver, which I’m completely impressed by. There’s nothing like attention to detail. The knobs turn and there’s paper Mod Podged inside the drawer. You really must visit her and tell you that you love her oven too – check it out right here.


  1. Home's Where My Heart Is says

    Hi Amy, Thanks for visiting my blog. Thanks for your sweet comment on the hearts I made. Yes, you may repost on your blog for your Valentine’s Day Entry, I am flattered you asked and would be honored.

    I’m curious how you found my blog, as I don’t have a whole lot of followers, but of course would like more :)


  2. Pen Pen says

    Adorable… play kitchens were my most dreamed of toys as a kid… I never got one, but I did pretend with boxes. Oh to have had mod podge and pretty papers back then!