Kia does crafty with plates.

Kia from Urban Paper Loft is a great (and talented) friend of mine, and I’ve been on her buns to do a Mod Podge project so that I could feature her. She finally did it! Kia crafted these vintage inspired memory plates to give as gifts – didn’t they turn out wonderfully? She won’t believe me when I tell her how cute they are. It’s kind of like when your girlfriend asks if her butt looks big and you say it doesn’t, and she just thinks you are being nice. Anyway, visit Kia when you have a chance. And while you are browsing, pop on over her Urban Paper Loft and Kia Nicole sites to see some gifty wonders.


  1. Rosaline says

    Hi Amy – have you ever seen anything done with floor heat registers? Sorry for asking this on this post but your email addresses requires that I “enter an unprotected site”. (Must be some sort of glitch with my computer.)

  2. Lorie says

    Very cute! And the olives in the last post make me laugh!

    I think I will give my husband a jar of real olives with a tag that says olive you for Valentine’s. And then i will eat them all because he doesn’t even like olives.

  3. sleepyhead designs studio says

    That’s so cute! I’ve done this before on a plate with paint and a baby announcement but it didn’t turn out this nice.