Idea board made with recycled cereal cans

Mod Podge recycled idea board

Shelly from I Didn’t Sign Up For This makes me laugh when she says “I adore making things out of garbage.” So cute. Shelly does a fantastic job with garbage, as you can see from the idea board she repurposed above – adding recycled cereal cans she also refurbished as goodie containers that hang. I never would have thought of it myself, which is why I love Shelly and all of my readers. You are just that good! Visit Shelly here to learn more about her very fun project.


  1. TheEggTeam says

    I love this article as this is something I do too.

    I recently participated in two valentine’s day swaps and included mod podged made recycled items.

    I made desk organizers out of cans and empty food boxes like the ones microwave popcorn come in and wheat thins. I repurposed a tea box with mod podge and fabric and glitter paint. I also had an old find word puzzle book I found at the goodwill for like .59 and used some pages to make a bookmark.

    I took some pictures of the whole lots of items I made so there really aren’t too many single pictures of the mod podge recycled items but here are a few.

    There is the tea box in the corner covered inside and out with fabric, mod podge and a bit of gold gitter paint on the outside

    You can also see the bookmark in the bottom photo.

    Here is a three can desk organizer which was covered in fabric using mod podge
    you can also see the bookmark there too.

    The book mark

    And then there are the boxed desk organizers, one is a two compartment and the other a four compartment….these were made with some 4 for a dollar valentine themed treat bags I found at my local walgreens expect for the white flower paper which is wrapping paper. I covered the cans in mod podge then the paper as well as the boxs…..I think embellished them, one I even added legs to using some old beads I had.

    I am working on some more items like these for my shop. I have a whole cabinet full of empty cans and a bunch of empty food boxes just waiting to be transformed.

  2. TheEggTeam says

    I just realized the posting ID I used for my last post was my team’s blog ID….I should have posted with reducereuserepurpose sorry about that.

  3. Holly says

    That is great we have those cereal cans all over…mostly used as drums by the kids…but I always keep one or two because I just know there is a good use for them! Great project!

  4. The Parrotts says

    I REALLY love this! The fabric is gorgeous, and a great idea for those cans (I’ve been trying to think of a new use for them…)