Enjoy! card makes me happy

Enjoy cardI’ve never been a big card maker or scrapbooker, but I’m becoming more sentimental in my old age. Kelly Marie from Lawn Fawn reminds us (me) that Mod Podge can be used to glue and seal paper crafts. Kelly’s Enjoy! card has inspired me to make some . . . I forgot cards could be this cute! Now is the perfect time given that I still have a few thank yous to send out from my birthday (better late than never). Paper Mod Podge, for those who don’t know, is archival safe – so Mod Podge away and don’t worry about yellowing! Visit Kelly’s blog here to learn more about this card and then to see some of her other paper crafts. She’s fabulous!


  1. Melissa says

    Modge Podge is totally awesome for cardmaking. I like to glue photos to the front of my cards (thank you, Christmas etc.) When I used Modge Podge, it glued quite nicely. When I used a glue stick, it bubbled wherever there was glue. Next time, I am using Modge POdge!

  2. Petals and Berries says

    Hi, Amy. Thanks for visiting my blog. Wow, you just opened up a whole new world of Mod Podge for me.. haha.. I never knew they even had an outdoor Mod Podge! But then again, stocks here are very limited. Thanks again and keep on Mod Podging! :o) Will definitely be visiting again :o)

  3. says

    A slinky…that’s a slinky toy. I love me a slinky!! Oh, and the card is cute too. (I wore a slinky on each arm for bracelets for an entire week as a kid. Drove my parents and little brother crazy. He’d/they’d hide them and I’d find them. Mine, mine, my slinky.) :)
    Oh this was a post about a mod podged card wasn’t it? Yep, it’s cute!!

  4. ~kelly marie~ says

    Thank you so much for featuring my card! I am so honored because I love Mod Podge! :)

    Thank you all for your sweet comments too!