Moroccan tile meets decoupage

Moroccan tableTitti from Shoestring Pavilion inherited a scratched-up coffee table when she married her husband. Luckily she is very creative, so she was able to revamp something not-so-special into something very special. Titti wanted a Moroccan tile look but didn’t want to mess with the tile itself – can you blame her? The next best thing. . . Mod Podge. She actually printed sheets out on her computer and tiled them herself; check it out right here. Titti’s idea makes me think, what can I tile? Pretty much anything I want to!


  1. Titti @ Shoestring Pavilion says

    Oh Amy, thank you soo much for featuring my little project! I’ll be forever thankful, very glad you liked it :)

  2. Simone says

    This is lovely…wouldn’t this be lovely and an economical way to “tile” in a bathroom…all the look of luxury without the expense..

  3. pam says

    No wonder you are excited about this one! Wow! What a great idea! I am determined to find a piece of furniture in the house I can play with! But I will use Mexican tile designs!

  4. [email protected] says

    Absolutley fabulous Idea….My sewing table is a huge old metal desk that is too big to pull outside to spray paint… I am definitley going to decoupage it.Thanks for the idea!!!