Storage bins to make during your holiday break

Mod Podge storage bins

I’m hoping you are going to get some time off this holiday season to do a little organizing. My plan? Clean out those craft bins that have become black holes in my closet. It’s going to be fun to discover what’s in them – like Christmas all over again!

Jen from The Haystack Needle has a leg up on me because she not only has some fancy storage bins, but she has decorated them. She is using hers for summer clothing, but you can revamp storage bins for craft supplies, or even for your holiday decorations. See her transformation here. Take a peek around her blog while you are there; lots of cute eye candy for your viewing pleasure.


  1. says

    Amy, thanks so much! I actually just got these bins up on a shelf yesterday so I can really see them. As per usual, I’ve outgrown my containers and need to pick up 1 or 2 more and then mod podge them (of course!). Thanks for sharing my project here!

    ps. If you’re in New York, I recommend picking up Muji’s version of these plastic bins, which would be easier to do this project because they’re smooth and don’t have seams on the inside.

  2. sweetdoodles says

    OK I do not have these bins but I went to a thrift store and got a spice rack that is white and rotates and has 5 glass jars on each side so there’s 20 jars,I punched out with my 2″ scalloped circle printed paper for the top ribbon around the side and embellishments on top too,(like a button,rhinestone ect.) and I’m going to use for brads and embellishments!! I just thought I’d share my project with you when I’m done I’ll photo it of course since I’m using Modge Podge on it Talk to you later if you have any idea’s to add to let me know Merry Christmas

  3. YelliKelli says

    Love This!! There’s something about a brand new bottle of Mod Podge that makes me feel very cozy and happy!