Scraptastic ornaments


Christmas may be over, but decor for 2010 is just beginning. Amy from Mrs. Schmenkman’s Quilts brings us her version of fabric scrap ornaments, and they are so cute (the candy cane with the selvage edge makes me want to pinch cheeks). My first thought when I looked at these was not ornaments but gift tags! That’s the fun part about these – you can use whatever scraps you want and whatever design you want. Make them for each holiday or just for every day.

Visit the project here and check out some additional pictures. Keep in mind that these are great for children to help with and SO easy for the beginning Podger.


  1. Teddy Started It says

    I’ve been looking for something fun to do with all the fabric scraps I can’t bring myself to throw away. I’m thinking a garland of hearts for Valentine’s day – my kids are gonna love this project. Thanks for the great idea!