Easy DIY side table

Mod Podge tableTaking a break from holiday projects to show you how one reader, Stephanie from Cre8tive Designs, gets inspired by reading blogs (including this one!). She recently transformed a spare garage space into a craft room, and repurposed several furniture pieces to go into it. One was this table above that she painted and Mod Podged – a $2 garage sale coffee table that looks delightful, especially on that teal backdrop. Stephanie, has anyone ever told you that you have a great eye for color?

Though the post isn’t there anymore, you can get a very similar set of instructions from me – I re-did an end table and had a blast. I’m currently contemplating whether or not it would be weird to find a random someone’s garage and convert it into a craft space for moi. I mean, as long as they aren’t using it, right?


  1. Lucky Ladybug Designs says

    I am so INSPIRED!!!!! I love all the ideas shared in your blog. Mod Podge is so amazing. I have a couple of projects in mind right now. I look forward to really exploring the old posts…can’t wait for the new ones either!!! I am a fan!

  2. Confessions of a Homeschooler says

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! I just checked out yours and WOW! I had no idea you could do so much with Mod Podge! I used to be afraid of it, just started using it LOL! I’ll have to visit more often!