DIY fabric scrap ornaments

Mod Podge fabric scrap ornament

I posted some fabric ornaments you can make with kids a few weeks ago, but I want to introduce to what I consider to be the “adult version” of fabric ornaments from Jane at Jane and the Ducks. It’s a great reminder that not all ornaments need to have the standard issue holiday colors, and you could actually use these year round for decoration. Don’t limit yourself to Christmas green or Hanukkah blue – remember, ornaments aren’t just for hanging on a tree! Go right here to see more ornaments from Jane and some of her other work. She’s an amazing seamstress (in addition to Mod Podger).


  1. Amy says

    Oh, I love this! I think I’m deciding that the possibilities of what you can do with fabric and MP are endless (and so pretty!)

  2. able mabel says

    I did this but used a paper mache like medium instead of mod podge to adhear it to the bulb. I then sprinkled the whole bulb with clear glitter to make it sparkle. It was so fun and a great way to use up scraps! Thanks for sharing it!!

  3. Karen- The Graphics Fairy says

    Really cute ornament, I love the colors! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog Amy, I love using the dimensional magic with the glitter, it really grabs a hold of it and keeps it in place.