Candice’s personalized craft swap plaques

Mod Podge Bible verse DIY plaque

We’re about three weeks until the big C, so it’s time to go mad with the gift ideas. Personalized plaques are always a fab way to go if you are lacking a good giftie, as demonstrated above by Candice from Made With Love. If you visit her here you can see the collection of plaques she designed for a craft swap, and it got me thinking, what a great gift grouping for co-workers, mom groups, friends or neighbors. Candice personalized with Bible verses . . . you can also do names, favorite phrases, sayings, corny inside jokes. . . .

PS – the little Mod Podged patchwork squares around the border are not only cute but make it easy to avoid wrinkles. . . so if you are a beginner this is a great starting project.


  1. Redness says

    Gorgeous! My Modge Podge calls, every time I look at that bottle I think of you … it will all begin one day soon 😉