A Christmas star

Holiday traditions are nice, and I like the one that Tanya from Trey and Lucy has started. Last year she took a tin star (kind of like this one) and Mod Podged papers and photos of her kids from that year to it. It was so fun that she did it again this year – find more photos of it right here.

This is yet another great gift idea from the Mod Podging community. It will also be fab when her kids are older and demand to know where the Christmas stars are, because they were an important part of their childhood holiday experience. Not that I’ve ever done that to my own mother. . .


  1. Laura O'Donnell says

    This is a great idea! I bought a chipboard star like this recently and I’ve been struggling with what to do with it. Now I wish I had bought more, to make 1 for each year like Tanya’s doing.

  2. Mickie says

    Hey Amy! I only found your blog about 10 days ago but am loving it! My craft girls (granddaughter and friends) already did the ornament ball and loved it! It was the first craft they ever asked that I get MORE of for them! :) I referred to your website on my blog:

  3. says

    Amy, Thnks so muh for this one. I love the star she made and am now siked to make one myself. Or two or three. I’m sure I can find the stars at Hobby Lobby. And I already have Christmas-y papers.

  4. jenjen says

    I love that idea. I have some stars sitting in my craft room just waiting for me to have some time. I might do one that is not holiday-specific and then I can keep it up all year. But I love the idea of putting the kids’ pictures on it. Awesome!


  5. able mabel says

    I love this idea, especially with the pictures on it! It would make a perfect gift for those hard to buy for grandparents!!