Old books become new wall storage folders

3873715632_1fc6f6dd12_oMy friend Pam from Gingerbread Snowflakes has come up with a very creative and ingenious way of using old books – she’s turned them into wall storage folders. The one she has pictured is making me kind of hungry, actually. It’s also making me think that wall storage folders would be perfect for me, would there be an office in Mod Podge Command Central. You see, I love organizational stuff, because I am by nature NOT organized. Except for my sock drawer. You would be totally impressed by my sock drawer.

Visit Pam here to see her very detailed tutorial, very helpful if you are going to create this project. Also note that you could paste pictures or words corresponding to what’s on the inside of the folders if you want to impress all your friends and say (in not so many words) “you should be jealous of my organizational skillz.”


  1. says

    cool! i’ve used old book covers as ‘canvases.’ you get two out of every book! hung them by ribbon or wire. then i used the pages in my mixed media collage art. just painted right over the top. it was cool to see the texture and embossing show through as a subtle layer.

  2. pam says

    Oh Amy! thank you for introducing this little project to everyone.

    My first thoughts when I started the planning of this project were to create something to re-use materials destined for the land fill. I have even surprised myself with how useful these actually are! And they are very cheerful hanging on the walls.

    I am glad to see your readers are enjoying the idea. YAY Mod Podge!