Mod Podge fabric clothespins bust your scraps

Mod Podge fabric clothespinsIt’s almost time for Thanksgiving break, which means you’ll have some hours to kill. My suggestion? Spend those hours looking through your stash for cool things to Mod Podge. One idea is these fabric covered clothespins by Julie at My New Therapy. She uses them for fridge clips (add magnets) and clip clips (without the bold “CHIP CLIP” lettering). Julie provides a PDF with her tutorial right here. I’m telling you my friends, these are perfect holiday gifts.


  1. Spot says

    These are flippin adorable!! I’m definitely making these as stocking stuffers for my adult guests!


  2. Neva says

    I made a few of these years ago and still treasure them. Don’t know why I have never made more…thanks for reminding me.

  3. Kelly R says

    I have made these with scrap paper but never actually considered fabric. I like the look, thank you for the inspiration…