Decoupaging stairs – wonderfully true

1351840587_47175b078eI’m always looking for “different” Mod Podge projects, if you know what I mean. I think this definitely qualifies – and Kecia from LemonCholy’s is the owner and creator of the decoupaged stairs above. These lead to her studio. As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t get much better than seeing tons of Mod Podged pictures on the way to crafting . . . but you know I am partial to Podge.

Visit Kecia’s blog here and her online studio site here. Isn’t her work beautiful?


  1. Simone says

    I am loving your blog (a recent follower). I must admit I have overlooked Modge Podge for adhesives but will be purchasing a few bottles next time I am at the art supply store..Thanks!!

  2. Lisa says

    Great idea! This would have been a lot of fun to do with the kids when they were younger but no we had to put boring carpet on our stairs. lol

  3. Miz Shamz says

    hey i love this…it will be nicer now for people to use the stairs more ur blog

  4. says

    I need to buy a house. With stairs. I’ve seen a house on tv with cat pictures decoupaged on the kitchen floor. It was so cool, but you have to be pretty sure you are staying.

  5. Vanessa Alsondo says

    Wonderful idea! I want to try it, but with pretty decorative paper instead of collage…

  6. says

    Hi everyone! Thank you for the awesome comments. You are great!

    I totally need stairs myself.

    Joella, it would probably take me about 20 minutes or so per stair to complete – so depending on your # of stairs. . . then you should give it a final coat!

  7. sara says

    Thi si sa cool idea, somethin gi would hav eattempted as a teen or young adult with a ho tglu egun an dsome random pictures lol now that i know about mod podge i am able to do kore ‘sophiciated’ projects! :)