Anthropologie inspired mirror on a budget

Anthropologie knock off mirror made with Mod PodgeAnthropologie is one of my favorite funky clothing and housewares stores. Love the store, don’t exactly love the prices. You can imagine my excitement when I visited Mitzi’s Collectibles and found that she had imitated an Anthropologie look in a very fantastic way for a lot less money. And she used Mod Podge. Can you say, “I’m all in?” You are going to love Mitzi’s mirrors, and want a wall of them like I do, so go here to see them all. I particularly like Mitzi’s little tidbit about Victorian vanity. Apparently I have to stop checking my teeth in public because it’s tacky or something.


  1. Rachael Paz says

    your blog ROCKS!!! i’m obsessed! can you do an article about lamps? i am trying to create a cool lamp using modge podge! keep on the keep on!