Stenciling and Mod Podge on artists’ canvas

Mod Podge stenciled wall artThe Creative Jewish Mom does a lot of fun stuff with paper, paint and stencils. She also combines Mod Podge with these things, and that makes her a quadruple threat! I really enjoy her beautiful work, and I know you will too. Her finished results are awesome, just like the example above.

Head to her blog and read the first post about how to make the actual artwork here, and then move onto the second post where you stencil the artwork here.


  1. Us Simple Girls says

    Those modge podged shoes from a bit ago inspired us! Posted about it today, so… THANK YOU! :)

    Love all your fab ideas!


  2. Debbie @ says

    What a great idea. I had not thought to use modge podge on canvas…hmmmm the wheels are turning now! Big smile. I wished I would have found your blog long ago…I just love it!