Recycled spooky sparkly gift cups

Mod Podge Halloween cupI go to Chick-Fil-A. A lot. Wouldn’t you Southerners out there agree that it doesn’t seem like fast food? Their restaurants are too clean. Plus I can get a delicious salad, or if I’m feeling naughty, waffle fries. I just love it. When I saw that Natasha from Shaken Not Stirred revamped a Chick-Fil-A cup into a gift and that it was for Halloween, I had to post it. She did it with glitter and Mod Podge.

Natasha was inspired by Over the Tipsy Top Design’s glitter cups, and I’m happy to report that she also posted a tutorial which you can find right here. If you are having a Halloween party or going to one, this is a great last minute favor or hostess gift. Would it be weird if I made one. . . and gave it to myself full of candy?


  1. Devon says

    I LOVE Chick-fil-A. You’re so right…it’s not fast food. The people there are always pleasant, the food is always fresh…sigh.

  2. Cammy says

    Love the project. I’ve been seriously missing your blog. It isn’t coming through Google Reader. And here I thought you were on an extended vacation.

  3. SC says

    I personally like my sandwiches to have salad. That’s all I ask. But no, no, no! Bloody Ian’s on The Park stuffed up me order! Polony!? That’s not salad on rye!

  4. Teaching My Little BookWorm says

    These are perfect for my littlest girls glamour rock star party! I can use them to put the party favors in and the utensils and stuff for the party!!!

    thanks so much!

    and i use to love Chick fil a when i lived in florida and before i became a vegetarian!!! I hear they also have great books for kids in the meals i wish all fast food places did books! :)

  5. pk says

    Very spoooooky! :-) Speaking of spooky – you’ve been BOO’D! Check out my post today.

    pk @ Room Remix

  6. Lea-Ann says

    Chick fil a is fab. There is free breakfast and free dinner at ours tomorrow night. I like that they don’t have microwave ovens. Even though the brownies would be nice heated up…

  7. says

    I love me some Chick Fil A!! They are so friendly and curteous there!!
    What a super cute idea for reusing their cups!! I also heart the jars lids posted a little while ago!!

  8. Debbie @ says

    Love it! I love these Halloween ideas for last minute…and that is exactly what I’m going to use it for! Hahaha