Make mini Halloween decorations

Mod Podge Halloween plaque and birdhouseYay! I’ve been waiting all year, and it’s finally here – the week before Halloween. That means I’m going to post Mod Podge Halloween projects all week. I like Halloween because:

-Orange and black are nice together
-You can dress up like anybody or anything you want
-Candeh is yummeh
-No gift giving pressure
-Mod Podge projects are the most funnest this time of year, duh!

I’m starting the week with a project of my own – Halloween minis. I love mini things, and it only seems fitting that I combine minis with my favorite holiday. I know you want to get to the giveaway, so I’m abbreviating instructions here. I used Martha Stewart papers and embellishments from last year (she has some really cool ones this year at Michaels). Acrylic paint was used.

Small birdhouse – Paint birdhouse black, roof, perch and base paint white. Make orange polka dots on top of the black with the end of a paintbrush. Cut paper to fit the roof and Mod Podge down. Seal the entire birdhouse with two coats of Mod Podge. Add ribbon and embellishments (buttons and stickers) with craft glue.

Cat plaque – Paint plaque and wood cat piece black. Cut papers to fit the front of plaque and then the cat piece. Mod Podge the paper to the cat piece, coat it again and set aside. Coat the outside edge of the plaque with FolkArt Extreme Glitter in black (this stuff rocks!). Let dry and then Mod Podge the paper down to the top of the plaque. Mod Podge on top and allow to dry. Then glue down the cat piece, a ribbon on the top and some eyes (used orange rhinestones) with craft glue. Add black rhinestones around the edges on the points.


  1. TheMadHouse says

    I am starting to love Halloween, it is not such a big thing here in the UK, but as my children are getting a little bigger they want to do more things. So we have been Halloween crafting over the last week or so. I like that it can be really simple and involve the children!!

  2. says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is seeing all the little kids dressed up and coming to the door for candy! I especially like it when they have homemade costumes that are really creative! It’s a great source of inspiration!

  3. Kac says

    I have two favorite things about halloween and they are tied. I love all the cute decorations not spooky cute. Also, I love the smile on the kids faces when they dress up and get candy!
    love the glitter.

  4. jengd says

    I love it because it’s fun and mostly because it part of enjoying the fall. The crisp air, the leaves, etc.etc.

  5. Sometimes Jayson but Mostly April says

    My favorite thing about halloween is sneaking candy from the kids buckets after they have gone to bed for the night.

  6. Elizabeth Holcombe says

    This may sound silly, but my favorite thing about Halloween (and it has been this way since I was little) is the wonderful sugary fragrance in the trick or treat bag after making the rounds. The blend of all sorts of candy make an aroma like no other. Of course these days I’m too old to trick or treat but when my son brings home his candy haul, I always sneak a long sniff from his bag.~~~Call me crazy!~~~But it doesn’t have calories to take a candy sniff!~~~Thanks for your fab give away!~~~XXOO, Beth

  7. says

    Love that cat plaque! My fav. thing about Halloween is also the “candeh” ha or having another holiday to decorate for!

  8. mub says

    I didn’t even know such Mod Podges existed! How cool =D

    My favorite part of Halloween is seeing all the little kids dressed up and having fun. Never fails to make me smile!

  9. Suzie Button says

    Love your Halloween crafts! My favorite part of Halloween are the little kids coming to the door, they’re just so cute! Suzie

  10. Natalie says

    I LOVE Halloween because I can have another excuse to decorate my house and make DIY projects! Happy Halloween!

  11. Jill says

    Ohhh I would love to try these! My favorite thing about Halloween… projects! I just started to get into home decor. I have scrapped for years. I am thrilled to find something else to put a creative touch on.

  12. KathrynAntyr says

    Looks like I’m the first leave a comment! Let’s see my favorite thing about Halloween is decorating. Halloween has certainly come a long way. There are so many funky and sophisticated ways to decorate. I haven’t seen those mod podge varieties. How fun!

  13. jojoebi says

    I can’t buy mod podge here so I would LOVE to get my hands on some and some sparkle for the festive season would be fantastic.
    I love the spooky, scary side of Halloween and all the fun of dressing up

  14. Varinia says

    My favorita part of Halloween is seeing how happy people generally are. The joy of seeing our children happy makes us happy in turn. This will be my sons first Halloween and I am so excited. I think for a first time part it is such a fun experience. I like that people tend to be nicer. Maybe its the fact that there will be so many happy little kids running around and they dont want to be the mean person that ruins their Halloween or maybe its just the memories of our own Halloweens that makes them happy. Whatever it is, I LOVE HALLOWEEN : ) HAPPY HALLOWEEN WEEK!

  15. librarianism says

    I love Halloween, because it’s the beginning of holiday decorating season. And I agree that it’s fun, because it lacks the pressure of gift-giving and traveling that other holidays have.

  16. Kristen says

    How fun! I just recently found your blog and love your projects! My favorite part of Halloween is carving pumpkins (and candy is a close second!) I would love to win some sparkly,shimmery Mod Podge!

  17. MamaBB says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is seeing kids in homemade costumes. The store bought ones are super cute, but there’s something about seeing costumes that were obviously a family project that makes me smile :)

  18. King Carmen says

    I love halloween, coz with my birthday being on the 30th, i get to combine dressing up as a monster with having cake. Probably my two most favourite things.

  19. Elizabeth Mills says

    I love pumpkins, children smiling faces when I answer the door and especially this year since it’s the first “fun” Halloween for my little girl. Her daddy was in Iraq last year so this year will be his first time seeing her all dressed up. Happy Halloween!!

  20. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says

    Hi, Amy, thanks for stopping by! I’m a Mod Podger too & have used this stuff for a long time. Would love to try some of the shimmery ones, so I hope I win.

    My fave thing about Halloween is the CANDY, of course! :)

  21. Pixie says

    My fave part of Halloween? I love it all, but specifically, I love pumpkins and the colours orange and black!

  22. saraiwithani says

    My favorite thing about Halloween/Fall is pumpkins!! I love to eat them, decorate with them, paint them and carve them. Happy Halloween!

  23. Mom2Fiveplus3 says

    I love carving pumpkins. You know those fancy ones. I just wish they would last longer. And I love mod podge. Usd it for the first time on a Fall birdhouse with pics. Love it.

  24. April says

    I love carving pumpkins with the family! Plus playing in the leaves….oh so fun for grown ups too!

  25. Kathy R. says

    Hi Amy. My favorite thing about Halloween is that black cats get to be stars for the day – I’m very partial to black cats. I also love the after Halloween sales on snack size candy :)!! I’m just learning / experimenting with decoupage and having a great time with it. I’d like to try the Sparkle and Silver Shimmer Mod Podge – they sound like fun. Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Halloween!

  26. says

    I should say something better, but I’m going with CHOCOLATE. Just lots and lots of good candy, that’s my favorite part.

    Shimmery, sparkly Mod Podge will make some great Christmas ornaments!

  27. emarci says

    I love all of the great patterned papers available for Halloween-so many papers, so little time! Thanks for the chance to win and the great projects!

  28. Allisa Jacobs says

    Well besides the obvious- candy….and of course the pumpkins, I love answering the door to little ones out trick or treating! This year I’ll have my own out & about- a little cowboy!

    Thanks so much :)

  29. Cherry Blossoms says

    Okay, First things First, I have never ever used Mod Podge {GASP!} I have heard of it but never known how or when to use it. After browsing your site I see SO many ways to incorporate it into crafts, etc.

    My favorite thing about Halloween is:
    the fall crisp leaves, hot chocolate and the spooky feeling in the air. I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see how excited my daughter gets over trick or treating!

  30. Katie says

    I love Halloween because it’s such a gerat excuse to let your wild side loose :o) You get to dress up in a crazy costume and be wacky…And it’s fun making neat Halloween stuff :o)

  31. AmandaSue says

    Making Pumpkin Seeds and geting the little ones to share there chocolate with me LOL.

    Thanks for the chance into this giveaway.

  32. Stevi says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is getting to watch my kids enjoy all the fun that comes along with it! The pumpkins, costumes, the candy…I just love watching them enjoying it all!

  33. Jen says

    I love carving pumpkins with my kids just like I did when I was a kid. We save the seeds to roast.

  34. brooke says

    i’m not sure i can narrow what i love about halloween down to just one thing (i’m a huge holiday lover)! i love seeing all the kids dressed up when they come to the door, how much fun everyone has, pumpkins, candy, and the fun decorations everyone has. plus, it’s kind of like halloween kicks off the fall holiday season…

  35. Sherri S says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is opening the door and hearing tiny voices saying “Trick or Treat”. Now that my kids are grown; it’s so fun to enjoy the little one’s excitement on Halloween night.
    I use mod podge and would love the shimmer and sparkle!!!

  36. says

    For me, it’s about the candy, mostly :). Thank you for offering this great give-away. Thank you for all the wonderful inspiration!

  37. Jan says

    I love kids delight in Hallowe’en. I have 2 kids (ages 3 & 5) and I try to make their costumes original. We don’t buy already prepared outfits. I want to inspire them to keep Hallowe’en creative when they get older and hope that by creating these original ideas, we will.

  38. LovetoScrapLeslie says

    My fav part of Halloween is watching the little one’s faces when you had them candy or compliment them on their costume!


  39. Kirsten says

    Only one favourite thing?! When I was a kid Halloween was huge in our house. My dad and I made rather elaborate costumes (Wrinkle dogs, a paper mache unicorn head, etc). And I still enjoy costumes. But my favourite now is all the mini candy! I know it’s bad for the environment, all that packaging, but I just love it!

    And I would love Sparkle and gold shimmer.

  40. Melanie says

    Dressing up. Being whoever/whatever is just the coolest! I would love to win this set … hard part would be choosing which two to get though!

  41. Jennifer says

    My favorite thing is when we are trick or treating and getting to see the way people use their own creative ways of decorating the homes. Sometimes they are cutesy, and sometimes terrifying! One year there was even this amazing older woman walking around with a huge rat trying to scare people and acting creepy! In a nutshell, the spirit!

  42. Gabi says

    I love trick or treating with my 2 year old daughter and carving pumpkins with her. I like the silver shimmer and the sparkle and I love your blog.

  43. Melissa says

    My favorite thing about halloween is getting together with family and friends and seeing the creative ideas they come up with. This is my sons first halloween and I think from now on, my favorite thing about halloween is seeing him dress up! What a cutie!

  44. says

    pumpkin-flavored everything! I love roasting the seeds, baking the pies, and sipping a spicy pumpkin latte. If I can do all this in a costume, all the more better :)

  45. zenmasterlauren says

    I love the looks and responses from the kids when I give them full size candy bars :):):):) Halloween rocks- and I want to have the house everyone wants to go to!

  46. Teesh says

    My favorite thing about Halloween has to be the smell, the smell of pumpkin carving, the smell of outside when the a cool breeze passes by. LOVE IT!!!

  47. Veronica says

    I love watching my nephews go trick or treating and this year I get to see my school kids dressed up and parading around our school so it will be a great Halloween!

    Thanks for the giveaway
    ronnigrl at mail dot com

  48. Eve says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is the whole “fantasy” part of it. It’s so awesome to be able to “play dress up” for one day as an adult, & not be thought of as weird…LOL!

  49. Gillian says

    my favorite thing about halloween is putting on my thinking cap to come up with costume that no one would expect!

  50. Carol says

    My favorite thing about Halloween would be the candy! I don’t eat much of it, but I enjoy watching my kids enjoy it! They get so excited when we go pick it out, I love watching them find their favorites!

  51. Dolli says

    I love seeing the little kids in their costumes especially when they are just learning to say “Trick or Treat”!

  52. Danielle says

    I love the “family” part of Halloween. All the kids out with there dads and the moms following in toe. The parents are usually wearing some costume they just fabbed out of there drawer because they have spent countless hours sewing and crafting there childs costume. I also love the Silver Glitter and Silver Shimmer…what can I say I come from where there is alot of ice:)

  53. Carla says

    My favorite thing is the candy I get to eat. I am dreading hauling my 37 week pregnant belly to the door every 30 seconds all evening though… Maybe my two year old can do it?

    carlamo (at) ymail (dot) com

  54. The Thomas Family says

    My favorite part of Halloween would be that it is always a fun holiday no matter how old you are. When your a kid you trick or treat. When your in College you go to fun parties. And when your married decorate your house all fun and take your kids trick or treating!

  55. Lindsey says

    I should say that my favorite is seeing my cute one year old daughter all dressed up as a fairy, but I have to say I really do love the candy!

  56. Jo says

    What I love abt Halloween is the children on trick or trick! There is such electricity in the air – especially with the kids that finally are getting the whole candy thing.

  57. CarrieJ says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is how my daughter starts planning her costume for the next Halloween on November 1st. The excitement she has for being able to be whatever she wants is contagious. Shed those skins people!

  58. The Powells says

    I love carving pumpkins! then I get to soak the pumpkin seeds in salt water, and bake them to eat! so delicious!

  59. Catherine says

    The best part of Halloween is watching my son get excited … it brings back all of my happiest Halloween memories and reminds me what a truly fun time it is…no stress over dinners and presents – just fun! He started decorating and planning in August, so we’ve had a lot of time to get pumped for this holiday. :)

  60. RoSe says

    My favorite thing about Halloween are pumpkins on porches and the color palette of fall trees against a grainy sky.

  61. Froggylady says

    I LOVE dressing up! Very rarely do we use store bought costumes and even then it’s just bits and pieces.

  62. Amy says

    My favorite thing is decorating pumpkins with friends outside when it’s cool and warming up with chili afterwards!

  63. { erin } says

    It would have to be the colors and the costumes! When else can you wear orange, lime green and purple? I love it!

  64. Tom and Jessica says

    ok, you have to know how hard it is for me to pick just ONE thing… lol!

    I love love love the craft projects!! I’m going to do candy bar mummy wrappers! There are only half a dozen people in my department at work. so I figured doing full sized or jumbo candy bars! Also! We do a pumpkin decorating contest, I’m doing my pumpkin like the green m&m!! and I’m going to “bribe” the judges with little bags of m&ms!! hehe!!

    I hope your halloween is great! I love reading your blog and seeing your projects!!! I’ve already decided if I don’t get picked for your giveaway, I’m picking up the silver shimmer and the sparkle mod podge for my Christmas projects I have lined up!! I hope I get picked!! *cross fingers*

  65. Nicole Maki says

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, Amy. I was incredibly flattered. If you want the recipe for the curried lentils you can find it Here :-)

    My favorite thing about Halloween is the availability of orange and black jellybeans.

  66. Katie A. Mosher says

    That’s easy, getting dressed up! I’m a college student and I definitely look forward to working on a cool, fun costume every Halloween. 😀

  67. oddharmonic says

    My favorite thing about Halloween are the sale finds afterward. I buy decoration bits for the next year then!

  68. says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is seeing the excitement in my granddaughter, nieces and nephew’s faces as they talk about what they are going to be for Halloween. And then seeing them in costume.

  69. Hadley Family says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is seeing how excited my kids get!
    teri (one of the 2sisters @ acraftyclan)

  70. Dragonfly Treasure says

    Thanks so much for stopping by! Halloween is a great Holiday!
    No relatives come to visit and there’s candy out the wazoo!!!

    ‘nuf said :~)

  71. CandraWynne says

    I love halloween because it is finally cool enough to have chili and just sit outside and enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather!

  72. Yelie says

  73. Linda says

    Mu favorite thing about Halloween is that’s the time of year Brachs Autumn Mix appears in the stores…yum!

  74. Liz says

    Halloween is my favorite season to decorate for. One of my favorite things to do is buy tiny plastic spiders (you can find them at party stores) and hot glue them to my walls, so I have spiders crawling all over. Very fun and quite the crowd pleaser. The spiders pull right off and I have never had any problems with it damaging anything (I even stick them on my tv, book cases, everywhere!

    That is my favorite thing!

    [email protected]

  75. h5rus says

    I love this time of year; the changing of the leaves, the cool crisp air, the lovely colors!

    Awesome giveaway!! Thanks for the opportunity :)

  76. Paddywack Designs says

    I love dressing up my son… he’s this is his third Halloween and it’s so much fun!

  77. Brenbren says

  78. --Leann-- says

    My favorite thing about halloween is taking my son trick-or-treating. He is so excited this year, and the anticipation is building!

  79. Bumpo says

    favourite thing bout halloween? carving the pumpkins (some pics on my blog) you only do it once a year so you dont get to practise but when it comes out well its even more satisfying :)

  80. The Gray Gang says

    My favorite thing about Halloween would have to be the trip to the pumpkin patch to pick out just the perfect pumpkin. Followed of course by some HOT apple cider to warm up and the annual Pumpkin Carving Party! I love Halloween!

  81. Callie Callender says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is going to the great Halloween party where I met, my now (as of Oct. 16th), husband! :-)

  82. crazydaisy says

    My favorite thing about Halloween, despite not knowing everyone in the housing development, or even everyone liking each other, everyone is sharing and giving on this night. When my husband takes my daughter out trick or treating, I get to see all sorts of people with big smiles, excited that I have something for them. At the same time, people are so generous to share with my daughter as she trick or treats among our neighbors. Even though there are tricks and costumes, as there are every day, there is giving and sharing!

  83. Amy@OCD: Obsessive Creative Disorder says

    MY favorite thing about Halloween has always been being able to act out my imagination in costumes and carving pumpkins!!! This year my favorite thing is picking out costumes for my pom pup! :) Love your giveaway- glitter makes everything better!

    And where did you get the cat piece? It’s so cute!

  84. The Queen Bee says

    I love this blog. I happened upon it a few weeks ago and since then I’ve been imagining everything Mod Podged! The thing I love the most about Halloween is raiding my kids candy bowls for all of the CHOCOLATE!

  85. jacynicole says

    I love all the pumpkins and flavors of the season. Just got apple cider donuts and pumpkin donuts at the pumpkin patch yesterday. Oh and apple cider of course. Yummy!!

  86. Tara L. says

  87. The Retired Mama says

    I love giving out the candy to all the dressed up girls and boys. Their excitement is contagious!

  88. Jaimie says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is the trick or treating. I definitely trick or treated all through high school and we went in college once while we lived in the dorms. Special, right? : )

  89. JeolsliesMomma says

    Ouuu I can’t pick just one thing, I love Halloween, it’s my favorite holiday of the year! The crafts rock, dressing up is the best, candy doesnt hurt either. Mmmm…. and cookies. And parties, and and and…. love it!

  90. Summer Rae says

    My favorite part of halloween is getting to see all of the great neighborhood kids that visit our house! I love seeing their inventive costumes.

  91. Alexandria says

    Taking my niece to the pumpkin patch is my favorite thing! She has so much fun…and I do too!

  92. Colleen says

    I. Love. Halloween. Everything about it – the orange and black, now with those great purple and green accents, getting dressed up, hearing the kiddos say what they want to be (and hearing them change their minds a million times – which makes it okay for me to change my mind a million times) trick-or-treating, and of course the candy. But my very favorite thing is decorating my house for the season and making sure everything is just perfect for my Halloween party.

  93. Jennifer @ The Craft House says

  94. Jennifer @ The Craft House says

  95. Sarah says

    my favorite things about halloween:

    1. I am a teacher and I love this time of year o do FUN “fall” things with my kids. Also, they love this tme of year and really excited about anythng we do.

    2. What othr time of year can you get dressed up as ANYTHING and no one will think twiceabout it. It doesn’t matter if you are 12, 26, or 98. It it fun.

    3. Speaking of that… what other time of year can you get FREE candy and other goodies for doing absolutely NOTHING!

    4. I love all the crafting that can take place this time of year?

    5. Most importantly, October and Halloween are times forour familyto be thankful. This time last year, my husband was in a car accident and broke his neck.
    He healed beautifully and we are thankful for that!

  96. gina says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is how excited the kids get. I love talking and dreaming with my grands about what they are gonna be for Halloween. They’re only limited by their imaginations!!

    If I win I would pick the Silver Shimmer! Sounds beautiful!!


  97. Kathrin says

    I love how excited my kids are about their costumes and really all things halloween. It’s fun!

  98. abundantlyblessed says

    I love the fabulous fall weather that we have this time of year! And I’ve never seen shimmer/sparkle modpodge before! That’s awesome!

  99. Melinda says

    I’ve really enjoyed decorating for Halloween this year…but I also really like the CANDY!

  100. beachblonde says

    I love seeing all of the kids in their costumes and passing out candy to the trick our treaters!

  101. ~Kristen~ says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is seeing my little nephew all dressed up and excited to Trick-or-Treat!!! Anything that makes him smile is my favorite thing!!! :-)

  102. yellaalley95 says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is carving the pumpkins and then eating the homemade pumpkin seeds. I love the smell and how you get messy yet it’s SO much fun! I also love haunted houses… I love love love the halloween bird house!!!

  103. bermudabluez says

    I LOVE your site! It’s hard to narrow it down to just one thing I like about halloween….since my kids are grown…I can now dress up my dogs…My bichons don’t like it too much but they look so cute! Fall is my most favorite time of year….the beautiful colors and the crisp temps…it’s all good!

  104. Beth Ann says

    My favorite part about Halloween is when I get to carve pumpkins with my nieces! They’re so funny, they don’t like the goop, but they like the end result!

  105. meghan lee says

    Fall is so wonderful (:
    My favorite thing about Halloween is thinking up a fun costume & creating it. And also helping out at the church’s harvest festival. Its so much fun seeing all the lil munchkins dressed up, playing games, smiling, and eating as much candy as they can manage. Such a fun time!

  106. DeeDee says

    my favorite thing about halloween is…I own a costume shoppe..I get to see what everyone wants to be…hehehe! its so much fun.

  107. Bethany says

  108. Shannon Rodriguez says

    I like seeing the excitement in the kiddos. They enjoy dressing up and getting candy, of couse!

  109. Lesley says

    I have a friend who modge podged napkins onto her kitchen wall… it looks like expensive wall paper with pink orchids… At least they were very fancy napkins!! Plus, she has used so much modge podge that I am inspired!!

    I’m also super excited to find someone who bogs about uding it in different ways! Thanks for the various tips!



  110. The Rigbys says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is dressing my children up in their costumes and see the sparkle in their eyes when they see the candy.

  111. BrownEyedGirl-- says

    I never actually celebrated growing up, but this year we have 2 little babies (9 mos. and 4 mos.) to dress up so this year will be my favorite year; the year we start our traditions.

  112. The Shaw Family says

    I love any excuse I can get to decorate my house ghouls, HUGE spiders, headless scarecrows, and fun colors like black, orange and purple. Seriously, how cool is that?!!!

  113. plumeria70 says

    My favorite thing is to make Halloween costumes for my kids and see their faces when they try them on for the first time!

  114. Indy Grrrl says

    I love that Halloween is in the fall, and I also love any holiday that celebrates creepy movies and candy!

  115. Caldwell Family says

    When I was young my mom hated Halloween and everything about it. WE used to just sit around as a family and watch a movie so we wouldn’t have to give out candy and mom wouldn’t have to take us trick or treating. No costumes, none of it. So now that I’m a mom with two little ones, I absolutely LOVE dressing them up in cute little outfits and costumes. I love shopping for the fun/goofy costumes that make Halloween the best. I’m hoping to get more and more into it each year.

    [email protected]

  116. Christy says

    I love figuring out what I’m going to dress up as. My ideas are normally way too elaborate and I’m too much of a procrastinator to really get anything done but it’s fun all the same. And when I actually do do something it’s that much more amazing!

  117. Christianne says

    My favorite part about Halloween is all the fun fall activities – hay rides, pumpkin patches, pumpkin baking, scarecrow festivals, etc

  118. Anonymous says

  119. says

    This year the best thing about Halloween is that it falls on a weekend!

    Not many people celebrate it here in Australia, but I’ve always wanted to throw a Halloween party and since my 25th Birthday is the following week I’ve decided to host a Halloween costume party this year.

    So excited!

  120. Tiffany says

    I am SO excited about Halloween. The next 3 months are my VERY favorite because it is one holiday after another. I have a few favs about Halloween. This year the kiddos & I have decorated the house with their crafts & I love it. I am looking forward to the CANDY that my kiddos bring home…they usually leave the chocolate for me :). I am also looking forward to spending a few nights with the kids dressed up & enjoying some family time. I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!!!

  121. Kaloula says

    I love 2 things: seeing how cute the little kids in their costumes are, and PUMPKINS – carving and cooking/baking..and all else pumpkin. (Starbucks, fall pumpkin candles, pumpkin lotion!)

  122. Court says

    My mom loves Halloween, so growing up she always decorated the house with awesome “spooky” decorations. That love was pasted on to me, especially now that I have children. Plus, it gives me an excuse not to dust for a month and it will fit in nicely with the decor. :) Ok, not with every piece, but some. Happy Halloween eeehhhhh

  123. Serena says

    I love pretty much everything about Halloween, but I think my favorite is the colors (black, orange, green . . .) I love those colors for some reason and decorating for Halloween is always so much fun

  124. Rachel Finley says

    I love pretty much everything about Halloween. I love the chance to be crafty, and Halloween gives you so many opportunities. Carving pumpkins, creating costumes, decorating, baking, etc., I love it all!

  125. Janette says

    I love coming up with creative costumes– I am still trying to convince my husband to dress up as the swine flu for his work costume contest =), just have to get him to agree to the pink sweatsuit!

  126. Charlene says

    I love decorating my home with the cutsey decorations I’ve collected over the years, that, and of course, chocolate!

    I love seeing the cute kids in their costumes, too, of course!

  127. Tanner ♥ Chaya says

    I love halloween time because first off its my birthday month and because I love to see all the little kids cute costumes and I love candy corn!!

  128. Shannon says

    I like Halloween for the cool, crisp night. I love traipsing through crackly yellow leaves while I cross my fingers for no rain. I love listening to the sing-song laughter of the kids as they scramble from house to house. I love looking at the wistful faces of parents as they wait at the end of driveways and walkways for their children – their facial expressions are always show such love and protection.

  129. Emma-leigh says

    I love love love the costumes of all the little kids that come trickor treating.. it makes for some wonderful pictures! Love the crafts, girl. You are muy talente.

  130. Suze says

    I just found your site and I’m already inspired!

    What I love about Halloween is dressing up and getting to be someone else for a night!

  131. DV-Becca says

    Halloween Rocks!!
    I loved it as a child as my mom would get us all excited, and I love doing that with my 4 kiddos, and I love that it starts the countdown to a shimmery Christmas!!

  132. Kellie says

    my fav thing about halloween is not celebrating it… sorry…too scary for my little ones…it’s just getting worse and worse every year. hope i’m still eligible to win the great giveaway! lol!

  133. Red Charlotte says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is that you get to dress up as crazy as you want, and nobody blinks an eye!

  134. Katie says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is getting together with my friends and watching our kids have a blast. 😀

  135. *jean* says

    oooo how lovely! i love halloween because of the wonderful memories i have with my best friend, we dressed every year until our mid 30’s….now we finally feel too old but boy, did we have fun!! i love watching my son and his buddies making their own halloween memories….

    oh, yeah, then there’s the candy….

  136. The Keith Family says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is all of the cute crafty stuff – fun food, fun decorations, fun costumes, etc. oh, and candy of course!

  137. L80k80 says

    My favorite part about Halloween is the excuse to buy a huge bag of Reese’s peanut butter cups (for the trick-or-treaters, of course!)

  138. notcherrypie says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is seeing random people out & about doing regular daily things but in costume.

  139. IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is…fun size candy. There is no recommended dosage….I get to have lots of fun :)


  140. Purple Lilies Craft says

    My two favorite things about Halloween are 1st the candy/chocolate and 2nd getting to decorate my home!!!!

  141. Brittany says

    My church has a Saturday, always around Halloween, that we get together and craft. It’s called Super Saturday. Its like a 6 hour day dedicated to making all sorts of awesome crafts. We do it every year. Mod podge has gotten me through some of my favorite crafts around my home! I always look forward to Halloween because then it means CRAFT time!

  142. Nicole says

    my favorite thing about halloween is carving pumpkins! once you get past all of the goopy innards, it’s nothing but pure fun!

  143. FiddlersBride says

    Happy Halloween!! My favorite part of the holiday is seeing the creative costumes people come up with! And also I just love my neighborhood at Halloween…the adults all visit with eachother while the kids are walking around and we share stories over cider or wine.

  144. Jessica says

    I love making the costumes. I know buying them from the store is fast and easy (and probably looks better) but I love creating my kids dreams!

  145. FarFam says

    I love Halloween because it is one more reason to be crafty and spice things up around the house by decorate with cute crafty Halloween things!

  146. Heidi@TheCraftMonkey says

    I guess my favorite thing about halloween & this time of year is the fun decorating we get to do. No really, don’t believe me, my house has been decorated since August…(sad, but true)

  147. nlue says

    I love that my teachers are all changing the due dates of their school work so the weekend will be free! Trick-or-treating here I come! :)

  148. Martha says

  149. Nora Laughlin says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is a new one this year. My daughter and nephew are obsessed with skeletons. The other day when I asked my nephew what he wanted to be when he grew up he said “a skeleton.” I told him he couldn’t be that and he said, “ok. panties.” He is 3.

  150. BlueRockGourds says

    Halloween has always been my favorite, but when I grew up and became a gourd artist….it is Halloween everyday! My favorite is the carving of the pumpkin!

  151. Alicia says

    What I love best in the no gift giving, but I guess since we still have to give candy there is gift giving. But the good part of giving candy is that I get to eat some while I pass it out. So it’s all good!

  152. Enough says

    The thing that I like best about Halloween is that you can do as much or as little as you want and your good to go. You can buy some candy and be done with it or really go all out. I perfer going all out! Kim

  153. Peggy Lushine says

    I love everything about Halloween! My friend who loves everything Christmas doesn’t get it, but I don’t get her obsession either! If it’s spooky or black and orange, I’m all over it!

  154. EMILY G. says

    my favorite part of halloween is taking my little boy to the pumpkin patch and getting to dress him up in cute costumes!!

  155. crystal says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is the decorations..sometimes some of ours are decorations “All Year ‘Round”.

  156. says

    The best part about Halloween is watching the elementary school kids during their costume parade. Last year, as all of the parents watched, I overheard a little boy who was one of several Harry Potters, say to his friend “Wow, they think I’m the real Harry Potter!”. Too cute!

  157. Anna Rosa Designs says

    Ok, I’m a new follower to your blogspot, however I feel I should tell you how much I enjoy reading all about your art and checking out your blog.
    I just have to enter to win the Gold shimmer and Sparkle modge podge. They would look great on my Christmas paintings.
    Come check out my blogspot when you’re free.
    Anna Rosa

  158. Crystal Ross says

    My favorite part of Hallow’s Eve: getting to tell ghost stories and having them be relevant! (I tell ghost stories on a regular basis).

  159. Txlonestargal says

    I love Halloween since you can do cool decorations and come up with unique ideas for the Trick or Treaters in your family. I don’t like giving candy so I challenge myself to do something different every year. Usually involves Mod Podge in some way. This year with the economy I haven’t been able to do anything for the kids this year.

  160. Jayne says

    I love the excitement of my little girls when they see all the candy they’re given. (Of course, that excitement is slightly short-lived as I quickly step in and moderate the candy consumption!)

  161. Txlonestargal says

    I love Halloween since you can do cool decorations and come up with unique ideas for the Trick or Treaters in your family. I don’t like giving candy so I challenge myself to do something different every year. Usually involves Mod Podge in some way. This year with the economy I haven’t been able to do anything for the kids this year.

  162. Kellie A. says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is the fact that it marks the beginning of the end of the year series of holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years). I think of it as the appetizer in a four course meal-lol! Kind of a weird analogy but with the candy treats as an appetizer before the real feast begins with Thanksgiving and Christmas then New Years is left as dessert to top it all off to end the year. :)

  163. cmjhawaii says

    I just love this time of year. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get quite cold enough in Hawaii to really feel like fall/winter. But I love the costumes and all the neat crafty stuff during Halloween. Although it takes me a while and can be a bit frustrating, I do enjoy making my daughters’ costumes.

  164. Jane Jeffress Thomas says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is candy, specifically, chocolate candy. Forget diets when Halloween is here.

  165. copycatcrafter says

    my favorite thing about halloween is the huge assortment of candy! i love chocolate, but have that any time of year (plus im from guam, so it melts fast anyway). i wait for this holiday to have sweet tarts and banana laffy taffy… yum! thank you. peperoroses[at]gmail[dot]com

  166. Lora says

    I think that I love Halloween because it is the start of cooler weather here in VA and we get to become someone else through costume.

  167. d'Dragon says

    This year Halloween is catching my attention because of all the cool craft projects, scrapbooking paper & rubber stamps out there. Really gotten me inspired for the first time in a while!

  168. Lindsay says

    My favorite part of Halloween is carving a pumpkin with my love, Ryan. Every year we spend two weeks picking out the perfect design! I also love putting together treat bags for the local kids. We go all out because we only get about 10 kids (boonies) we LOAD their baggies with goodies! xo

  169. K says

    My favorite thing is everyone in our neighborhood sitting on their front porches with pumpkins carved and walking around, chatting and catching up with everyone :) And snickers candy bars :)

  170. Lisa says

    So much to love about Halloween. The colors, the making of things, the planning and decorating, and the visiting with family! The playfulness of an old-fashioned Halloween really captures my imagination.

  171. Laura Major says

    As a child, and even into my adult years, Halloween was my all time favorite! I loved the “dressing up” part of this wonderful holiday! Being able to become someone or something that was different from my usual shy self!

  172. Betsabè says

    My favorite thing Halloween is going to my mother’s house and find the whole garden full of lanterns and pumpkins.

  173. -Shaken, not stirred says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is letting my daughter help me decorate the house! (She’s two) and she loves helping with the “Nations” :)

  174. Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture says

    My favorite part of Halloween is the free candy everywhere and the excuse to buy candy, to give away of course :)

  175. Amber says

    Hi! I just ran across your blog and I love it! Im bookmarking it! My favorite thing about Halloween is carving pumpkins! My husband usually carves one, and I usually carve one and its neat to see how they turned out–and how different our ideas can be!

  176. Amber says

    Hi! I just ran across your blog and I love it! Im bookmarking it! My favorite thing about Halloween is carving pumpkins! My husband usually carves one, and I usually carve one and its neat to see how they turned out–and how different our ideas can be!

  177. Anonymous says

  178. Chris says

    I love all of the pumpkin baked goods! Yummy. And Roasted Pumpkin seeds…mmmmm…now I am hungry!

  179. christina says

    Terrific projects! So glad I stumbled upon this blog. I have to say, one of my favorite things about Halloween is that intangible crackle in the air, part wafting seasonal spices, part thrumming energy from party-goers & trick-r-treaters, part atmosphere of magick. Maybe that’s what I love, the certain magick of open doorways and group masquerading. Sigh.

    Wonderful responses all around!

  180. I Should Be Cleaning Up says

    I love the mystery of Halloween! The dark stormy nights and everyone dressed up and having fun. Halloween will never get old for me, I love it!

  181. Adam & AManda Baker Family says

    I love it because it’s the start to the holidays, it’s fun to see the kids dress up and we still go door to door which brings back childhood memories. Oh and Halloween has some FUN treats!

  182. lovinlife says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is dressing up! I’m determined to do it all of my life. :)

    AWESOME Mod Podge! I never knew that they had sparkly or shimmery kinds.

  183. AStarrA says

  184. Amanda says

    I just discovered your website and Mod Podge!! I have so many things that I want to make!
    The reason that I love Halloween is that it is the beginning of the Holiday season. It is such the perfect holiday to start it all off. There are so many cheap crafts that you can do with your kids. My mom still uses some that I made back in Elementary school! I love this time of year with the leaves, the crisp air, and the food!

  185. tanya904 says

  186. luci says

    Halloween here in the UK is more sinister with children and teenagers doing more tricking than treating, as they dress up to look like horror characters and the streets and door answering is often avoided. A shame, perhaps, as family time and some treat time are qualities that are needed here.

  187. kkh says

    I admit Orange and Black and Purple do look good together and when else do you get to use them, but at Haloween!

  188. mommy2luke2008 says

    I love halloween because I can put my 16 month old son in cute costumes and parade him around town. Oh yeah, and I love candy!!!

  189. tessahjake says

    my fave thing about Halloween is the stinkin’ cute decorations and mixes of color that I love. I can’t even express how great orange, purple, green and black together make me weak in the knees. ‘
    Oh – yeah and my kids have fun and candy!

  190. Natalie says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is dressing up my kid. Not myself, just my kid. Costumes are way cuter for her, anyways.

    Oh, and the candy. Don’t EVER forget the candy.

  191. Geoff and McCaulie says

    I love the weather!! Fall is my favorite because it brings all the wonderful family filled holidays!!


  192. Chacoy says

    The reason that I ♥ Halloween is to see all of the creative costumes, can you imagine what their moms were thinking when they had to make some of them with “NO” pattern? If they are not good at sewing :) That’s the coolest part; the kids are so proud of their costumes:)

  193. Callista says

    I don’t know that I can pick just one thing I love about Halloween. It is my most favorite holiday of the year. I love how creatvity comes out of people by way of their crafts, costumes, decorations, etc. I love that the most unexpected people let loose, dress up, and have fun! I love black and orange, vintage decorations, costumes, candy,and all the fun!

  194. Amy says

    I was hoping to be comment 31 for Halloween… My favorite thing about Halloween is getting creative with costumes… Both making them and admiring those who have made creative cuties.

  195. JulieCMoeller says

    My favorite thing about Halloween? Strolling around the neighborhood with costumed kids.

  196. HuNnY aNd PoPpA LeWiS says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is seeing all my special little friends all dressed up in their costumes & giving them treats. It’s just a fun time of the year!!

  197. RooTel says

    My favorite thing aboug Halloween is seeing all the kids in their costumes. What a feast to the eyes! Thanks for the giveaway. Hope I win.

  198. Lara says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is definitely the candy! I will admit I am addicted to the sweet stuff, I love to find different kinds that come out for the holiday, like gourmet candy corn, or Hershey’s candy corn kisses etc. Thanks for the opportunity to win these awesome Mod Podge’s!

  199. Montse says

    I love the decorations that people put aotside their houses, they can go nuts about Halloween. I wanna win a modge podge glitter! lol

  200. Firefly says

    My favorite thing about halloween is the pumpkin carving…or rather the guts from pumpkin carving LOL Every year I soak my hands in pumpkin guts, and water to sort out all the seeds to bake :) Fresh baked seeds are the best :)

  201. Andrea :) says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is the candy! Good thing my daughter likes to share hers. :)

  202. Keri says

    My favorite part of Halloween is coming up with a costume. This is the first year I was able to make a costume for my 9 month old. It is so much fun.

  203. Krista says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is Light the Night at our church where they give gobs of only the best chocolate candy bars to everyone! And the fact that it’s my son’s birthday the day before.

  204. Kristy says

    Carving pumpkins is my favorite. And knowing that thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner.

  205. AJ says

    I do love Halloween because of the candy but I also love it because it means my birthday and my Hubby’s birthday are a week away!

  206. Cardell Family says

    I love Halloween! I love dressing up. I love eating candy. I love being creative with dinner. I love being creative with dinner. And, I love that it is the start of the holiday season!

  207. socmama says

    The best thing about Halloween has to be the pumpkins. I love carving them, decorating with them, and especially eating them! Thanks!

  208. Julie Avery says

    I’m traditional…I love the candy! I love the great deals on yummy candies…my favorite seasonal candy is the Pumpkin-shaped Reeses. Mmmmmm. So good!
    Cute blog!!

  209. Molly says

    I love the crazy huge party my parents throw every Halloween. My mom has been looking forward to this Halloween for a few years because it’s on a Saturday – no joke. We start decorating a week in advance. Everything gets decorated! Halloween shower curtain, rug, jack-o-lantern gel decals on the mirror, black light, fog machine, fake spider webs, Halloween hand towels, ghost string lights – and that’s just the bathroom. We go all out and it’s so fun!

  210. April says

  211. Anonymous says

    Oooo…look at the sparkly, shimmery, and glittery mod podge! Who knew! Back to the comment: I LOVE the smell of the toasting pumpkins on the steps! I also love the costume face makeup all over my best towels – NOT.
    From Fran in Utah

  212. Megan says

    I love the day after candy sales! But previous to Halloween, I love the hayrides and haunted houses

  213. Lisa B. says

  214. Doreen says

    BOO! Happy Halloween Amy! Halloween means fall is finally here in Southern California. We’re still enjoying 90′ weather, but enough of sandals and tank tops, we’re all craving cozy sweaters, fuzzy blankets and comfortable sweats! So for us, Halloween means the end of summer and the beginning of falling leaves and falling temperatures! I work with mod podge a lot in my altered art projects, but haven’t yet gotten past the original and antique types — would love to try some glitter! Have fun trick-o-treating!

  215. Kelsey_N says

    I’m not overly into Halloween … but I love to see my neighbors kids dressed up – they are so cute!

  216. Jessi says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is definitely decorating! It’s always been a tradition in my family to make our house one of the highlights of our neighborhood!

  217. Karyn says

    My favorite part is going through my kids candy bags after they go to bed and steal the good candy!

  218. Conni Bliss says

    Halloween is the time where you get to see the creativity of people who swear they don’t have a creative bone in their body. I like the silver shimmer and the sparkle.

  219. Kara aka Mother Henna says

    My favorite part about Halloween is all the festing! I love the blog fests, the live fests, and the dressing up. Actually my very favorite part is really from Day of the Dead, not Halloween — I looooove making and decorating sugar skulls!

  220. RootsAndWingsCo says

    I LOVE Halloween for many reasons. In no particular order:

    I love the colors black,orange, yellow, red and purple all mixed together. What other time of year can you get away with that?

    Here in Az, we finally get a break from the 100’s.

    Pumpkin picking at a farm with my boys.

    Making fun spookey decorations with my boys.

    Watching my boys get super excited about it ALL. Not just the trick-or-treating. For them the TOTing is kind of anticlimatic.

    Finding all the fun Halloween books to read with my boys.

    Carving pumpkins and roasting their seeds.

    Oh and playing dress up for one night. 😉

    I could go on…I love all the fun crafts floating around in blog land for Halloween.

    I think sparkle and gold shimmer sound fun!


  221. Jayme says

    I love the way the air smells . . . smokey and crisp. I love the spooky decorations and costumes – I always want to be a witch. Most of all, I love that my daughter was born a few days before and we celebrate all week long, ending with Halloween night.

  222. Sarah McK says

    Awesome site! I found it through the “blogs of note” list, and I am so glad! I have lately become obsessed with ModPodge because I used it to cover some little baskets in brightly colored tissue paper for my little one’s nursery and I used metal washers and scrapbooking paper to make Halloween pendants. I ADORE Halloween! As a former elementary school teacher I love everything about it! The colors, the decorations, the parties, the stories, and, best of all, the COSTUMES!!! My favorite part of the year was dressing up with my students and celebrating good old fashioned wholesome fun!

  223. Flat Creek Farm says

    The fun decorations and crafts, of course! :) I didn’t even know there were sparkly ModPodges. Where have I been?? -Tammy

  224. minishoes1 says

    Great giveaway! My fav thing about Halloween is seeing my nieces and nephews dressed up. So adorable! Thanks![email protected]

  225. Darcy Anne says

    1. I LOVE halloween because we get to make our FLAMING PUMPKIN that shoots out 4 feet of flame. The whole neighborhood comes to see it- and take pictures, of course. (I would post a picture here, but don’t think I can… I’ll email it to you.) We pass out around 400 pieces of candy.. the door never shuts.

    2. Halloween is AWESOME because, as a third-grade dual language immersion teacher over half my class is from Mexico and they have NEVER carved a pumpkin… get to share the joy of being the first to do it with them… It also gives me an excuse to do all sorts of crafts and read spooky stories. How wonderful it would be to have Mod Podge to help me out!! 😉 I give my address out to all my students, dress up, and have a *special* bag for them when they come..

    3. It’s a fun family time/tradition that all of us enjoy… my dh, my 18 yr old son, and 15, 13, and 11 yr old daughters… Oh, the cookies, candies, and candelabras!


  226. Watsons says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is the chocolate and watching how excited my little girl gets when people give her candy.

  227. sewcutetreasures says

    I used to be super in to halloween..until we moved into our current home 6 years ago. NO ONE does halloween here. Not even 1 trick or treater! what?!?! However, My 2 year old inspired me this year! There is NOTHING more amazing then watching your child light up when they are picking a costume, making cookies with mom or pumpkin pickin. DS has shown me that we can be as festive as we want! BOO on the neighbors who don’t celebrate! LOL

  228. Mandy from Burkett Blessings says

  229. NuggetsMom says

    I love everything about Halloween especially trick or treating with my kids. I really want some Modge Podge :)

  230. Touchatou says

    Just discovered your blog. Fascinating !
    I love bats and witches and can indulge myself on Halloween. 😉

  231. Rebekah Doak says

    My favorite thing is taking my kids to trick-or-treat in my brother’s cul-de-sac. One of his neighbors hosts a cookout so the parents don’t have to worry about making dinner that night!

  232. Chelsea S says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is definately getting to be someone else for a night. I love dressing up in costumes!

    — Chelsea

  233. Allison says

    I love that for Halloween, you get to dress up and play pretend like I did when I was little!

  234. April Loveridge says

    My favorite part about HALL – O -WEEN is decorating our house and also wearing a costume . I love to scare kids during trick or treating and give them lots and lots of candies…

  235. Peggy says

  236. lovely says

  237. Madwoman-doing-cartwheels says

    The candy, the jack-o-lanterns, the season (love fall), the costumes!

    catmom1010 at gmail dot com

  238. khloverofjesus says

  239. Liz A says

    I love that you can stay up late eating sweets with your kids in crazy getups and no one says a thing about it!

  240. Mandy and Jack says

    I am not a big fan of halloween, but I DO love Fall, carving pumpkins, and handing the candy out to the kids!!

    mandyhornbuckle at

  241. Natasha says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is dressing up, don’t get me wrong I like the kids costumes too, but I really look forward to dressing up each year! It makes me feel like a kid again!

  242. says

  243. Janet, says

    My kids are grown now, but they still love Halloween and giving out the candy on Halloween night. I love the Halloween parties at school, the kids trick or treating and watching them sort through their candy when they get home.

  244. Lesley says

    My favorite part of Halloween is getting my twin toddlers dressed up for my photo taking rampage…

    I have to take dozens of pictures of them running aroound in their tiny cotumes, but it is so worth it when a few come out perfect!!

    Haloween Rocks the Casbah!

  245. Becky says

    i love your blog! such fun ideas! the thing i most enjoy about halloween is how it gets people out and about and we get to see neighbors we don’t otherwise see through the year.

    i’d love to win some mod podge!
    dbhowellfaily at gmail dot com

  246. Tisha Smith says

    Love the look in my son’s eyes when he looks INSIDE his candy bag as he’s trick or treating.

  247. says

    Love the bird house!!

    My girls and I love to drive around at night and look at everyones decorations. I also love how the air is cold and when the wind blows the dry leaves it is so spooky sounding

  248. holisticgal says

    What fun to have a giveaway!
    I have used taditional mod podge, but NEVER the sparkly or glittery kind, so I am excited to maybe win some!
    Can I say too, that it was the MOST genius thing of you to make a tips and tricks/instruction sheet for using it. People that have long used it have so many hints for getting a great finish, etc. I hope you keep *adding to that document* with updates as you get them/find them (like adding the links for using it to transfer, or other ways of using it-like as a no-fray for ribbon, organza, etc.)
    Keep up the good work!
    ~Holisticgal Jen

  249. Anonymous says

  250. Mare says

    I really like Halloween, a few years ago, it was practically unknown here in Chile, but now it’s huge! This year I’m finally at a house, so we will be giving out candy!

  251. SewingMama says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is planning and making costumes for my daughter, husband and myself. There is something a little more meaningful about Halloween when you know blood, sweat and tears went into the construction of your costume.

  252. Amber says

    my favorite thing is the adorable kid’s costumes!! :) and I am going to go buy sparkle mod podge if i don’t win because i know it will be love at first sight (or craft). :)

  253. Chalece says

  254. Taya says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is making my kid’s costumes and eating pumpkin pie.


  255. Geeky Girl says

    I’d have to say the costumes. I spend the whole year planning, designing and making my costume for a friend’s annual party. I have so much fun with the creative process and that’s my day to show off my work.

  256. pfefi says

    My favorite thing is making costumes! Last year I was a tootsie roll, and I made a Tickle Me Elmo costume and a roll of toilet paper costume. (:

  257. vintage lex says

    My favorite thing about halloween is deciding on a costume. I love to be a different person one day out of the year.

    The process, preparation and the hype is so fun. Too bad halloween only lasts for one day :(

  258. Arathi Prakash says

    I like Halloween because it’s a time to get dressed up in fancy dresses! We become kings or queens or angels or ghosts for that one day! :)

  259. Arathi Prakash says

    I love Halloween becoz it’s fun getting dressed up. We become kings or queens or angels or ghosts for that one day! :)

  260. Ironic Good Times says

    My VERY favorite thing about Halloween is that you can find horror movies EVERY day all month long- LOVE THAT!
    Ok, I like the costumes, candy, and community spirit of trick or treating too. :)

  261. Mrs. Pingel says

    My favorite thing about Halloween THIS year is that my first baby is due! Now, everyone… send your labor-inducing vibes my way! (And your easy-labor ones, too, while you’re at it!)

  262. says

    Two words – FOAM PUMPKINS!!! i mean honestly how can you pick ONE favorite thing about halloween??? the candy is a given…
    anyways – awesome giveaway! I think glitter mod-podge might be the best thing ever invented!!! hope your halloween celebration is fun!

  263. Deborah says

    I used to love making homemade costumes for my daughters for Halloween. Now, they would rather have store-bought. So making home-made projects for the house has become my priority. I’ve been using Mod Podge for the lsat couple of years – my latest discovery? I buy various picture frames from the Dollar Store. Then I take wrapping paper or fabrics and decouppage them onto the frames. So many varieties to choose from – Halloween fabrics, sunflowers, “Happy Birthday” paper, plaids, polka-dots. I heart mod podge. The Silver Shimmer and Sparkle look very interesting. I’ll have to check them out. I’ve only used the regular Mod Podge.


  264. KatieJ says

    I love your cat plaque- and these glitter paints look fun! My favorite thing about Halloween is the jack-o-lanterns, I don’t know why but they are so cool to me!

  265. Lisa says

    It’s fun watching the kids get so excited about dressing up, and also pretty fun to share the candy afterwards… :)

  266. Devonay@LumpkinAndMe says

    My favorite thing about Halloween are memories of my Mom and how special she made them for me as a child. She continued that with her grandchildren. This will be our 3rd year without her and everything about Halloween reminds me of her.

  267. Pixel Wild Child says

    The best thing about Halloween is that you can make yourself a crazy make-up , hairdo, clothes and go out on the road and feel good about it!ha ha haaaaaaaaaa!!! That’s fantastic

  268. Riece says

    I love the decorations: from carves pumpkins to cobwebs! Really, I love EVERYTHING about Halloween!!

  269. Mariah says

    Favorite thing about Halloween? Seeing everyone’s creativity shine! I love original and unique costumes. Boo to the mass produced spider-mans out there.

  270. Rachel says

    Halloween is my favorite holiday because we can dress up and act like a kid even if we aren’t, I love ghosts, zombies and monsters, and who doesn’t love candy? Oh and I especially love that it is on Saturday this year!

  271. Stephanie says

    Halloween has always been my fave holiday and my most fave thing about Halloween now that I have a little boy is getting to take him Trick-or-Treating and dressing him up.

  272. Laurie says

    All the amazingly creative homemade costumes. I lived in Salem, MA for 11 years, and now live the next town over, and you see some absolutely jawdropping costumes in Salem around Halloween. Some of these people must start making next year’s costume on November 1st!

  273. Matt and Ashlee says

    Hey Amy!! Love the Giveaway!!
    I really love all of the cute kids coming by to trick or treat!! And trunk or treat at church!!

  274. Steven and Kristie Lentz says

    My favorite thing this year was dressing my adorable six month old son up as a lion! Oh he was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I can’t wait to make a fun frame to put a picture in of his first Halloween!

  275. Caroline@ FOREVER VINTAGE says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is decorating and of course seeing my children in their home made costumes!! I’m glad I got in on this just in time before midnight.

  276. says

    My favorite thing about Halloween is boring and obvious but really it’s seeing the holiday through my 3 year old. I am sure every mother says that. But it’s true seeing how you child is amazed by it is fabulous.

    Amy I love both of your projects! I have a little bird house, but got it last year around Valentine’s Day so the opening is heart not a circle. I wanted to alter it but never got around to it. I think I’ll modify your design with the cute dots for mine.

    PS: Do you use another sealer on top of the Mod Podge? I usually don’t but lately was wondering if I used a varnish on top.

  277. says

    I hope it’s not midnight yet there.

    I love Halloween, because my sister has a party every year. We all get dressed up and have so much fun!

  278. Xazmin says

    So so cute! I can’t believe I missed the giveaway! We have swine flu at our house. Yup…our whole family.

    So Halloween was not a blast for us this year! Thanks for linking up…I always love your projects!

  279. jenjen says

    Oh my goodness – look how many comments you have over here!

    Love your projects. I would love to win some of that festive mod podge – I’ve never tried any of those before!


  280. Goings on at the Glenn's says

    My most favorite thing about Halloween is dressing my kids up in my creations and watching them get excited about the fun things we do to celebrate. I love spending time together as a family at the pumpkin patch too.

  281. texcinlulu says

    My favorite thing is the decorating. I have a ton of stuff.
    So much fun. Also my birthday is October 29 so I just continue it for 2 more days!
    Thanks for the give away.
    I hope to make your loverly Halloween items.

  282. Lori m says

  283. Melanie says

    I love Halloween because it gives people of all ages a chance to dress up as something they aren’t and have a blast doing it. Plus the weather beginning to turn slightly cooler just makes me love the time so much more because it is getting me ready for winter =]

  284. Diane says

    I like Halloween, because that means that Christmas is just around the corner.

    Mailmanldy at aol dot com

  285. mt says

    I love the candeeeeeee but all of the spooky things, too. My daughter and I love sticky severed hands (plastic – we’re not psychotic) into my hubby’s briefcase or a severed finger in his lunch box. I love fall!!

  286. Margaret Wilson says

    I love Halloween because there are so many neat things/crafts to make as look at on the net. I made tons of decorations for my family and they came out great. Can’t wait for next year.