Decorative chair backs from Miz Martha

Mod Podge Martha Stewart chairs
Just when I think “I’m having a creative day. I’m good enough, smart enough, and people like me” . . . Martha Stewart comes out with another fantastical decoupage project and makes me realize I have to step up my game. That’s okay – she is the queen of crafts, right?

These chairs are from IKEA, and Martha took about five minutes to whip out the covers and decoupage them on. I’m serious, I saw her! Anyway, visit here for the supply list and instructions. Also, if you’d like to see more Martha and decoupage projects, check out these baby blocks, these pineapple votives and then some vintage looking animal collages.


  1. 2sisters says

    Thanks for posting this, it was very timely. I am just getting ready to start on blocks just like those for a baby prezzie, and hadn’t found any destructions. Thanks for the link!!!

  2. Mural Maker says

    Hey, Amy, just imagine what we could do if we had a staff like Martha’s? Don’t get me wrong – she’s done wonders for the craft biz, but she has thousands of creative people on her staff. BTW, love the chairs, tho. Dang, I better go get some more MP. Hey, have you ever MP’d a pumpkin?

  3. Hoots Cove says

    You really got me rocking with MOD podge since I found your site! Thanks for making a difference in my crafting life. I’ve even created a new blog now! Heather xx