A simple mailbox makeover featuring Mod Podge

Mod Podge mailboxI’m kinda jealous, because I really want to live in a house with a mailbox like this on the front of it. My mailman (or woman) would dance up the steps to deposit my mail, and comment on how nice it was to be a mailman (or woman) for someone so crafty as myself. Because depositing mail into a pretty box is surely better than doing the same thing into an ugly one. Right?

Rachel from Life Off the Shelf re-did her mailbox, and I am very happy to share it with you today. She could have just painted it green, but she didn’t, because she’s cool. Instead she used Mod Podge to fancy up a letter and dress up her box. This is why I love her. Keep in mind a project like this if you are a beginning Podger. It’s easy and there is instant gratification.


  1. Robin says

    Hey! Can you give me some mod podge tips?? It seems to ruin everything I do – warping and bubbling paper. I don’t think I’m using too much. I would appreciate any insight!! Thank you :o)

  2. Anonymous says

    I wish I could see her post about it. It says I have to be an invited read of the blog before I can view it. I tried my google name and password and it still would not work. Does anyone know of another way I can view it? It looks like a great project and I would love to know more about it.

  3. says

    Hi there Anonymous! Unfortunately Rachel has made her blog private since I posted this last year. . . so none of us can see it now. :(

    I do remember that she spray painted the mailbox and then decoupaged the letter before she glued it on. Hope this helps a little!