Not so much precious as pretty trendy baby blocks

martha stewart wooden blocksBefore I begin, has anyone else noticed that the favicon (little icon next to the blog address) on Martha Stewart’s website is her face? I’m not going to favicon my face, but you can right here. Okay, done with boring computer stuff.

I was drawn in by the colors and shapes of these baby blocks, courtesy of Martha Stewart. This is an absolutely GREAT gift for a new or expectant mom. If you can coordinate them with her baby’s decor, all the better, because she can make a little display on the baby’s dresser or shelves. To attempt this project, visit the Martha Stewart website right here. Also check out the video featuring crafter Ashley Steele from Hiccup Inc. Because nothing is better than demonstration, right?


  1. :::b r a n d i::: says

    I am so making a set of these for my nursery! I am doing a Dr. Seuss theme so stuff is very hard to find…but I have an extra copy of one of my Dr. Seuss books, so I could totally cut that up to use for this. Awesome.

  2. says

    This is where I first learned how! I love her stuff, her baby toys are AMAZING! The video is the greatest for someone starting out, it was the very first thing I ever ever crafted, so it works, haha!

    Thanks for Stoppin by to see me! I love all your modge podge projects!!

  3. Ruth says

    Thanks to Vintage Vignette for sending me to you!! I love your blog and am a major fan of Nod Podge…..yup I use it on EVERYTHING!! I was very lucky to get from my MIL a whole set of the stuff…..when one lot runs out I move onto the next!! I have been itching to do a major furniture project for ages and your blog is inspiring me to think about it even more!!
    Thankyou ….Ruth xxx

  4. says

    i feel like i just entered a whole new world of crafting ideas through this site. those blocks are adorable, can’t wait to try some of your ideas!

  5. Chantilly says

    These are beautiful blocks. I’m guessing that they’re more decorative than anything else, right? I’m wondering if there’s an additional seal you could put on it that would be child safe. I would really like to make some blocks that I’m not worried about my kid putting in their mouth.

  6. says

    Hi Chantilly! These are decorative, but Mod Podge is child safe. It is completely waterbased and non-toxic. Basically, you can eat it and not get sick! Although I definitely don’t encourage that. 😀 If you do blocks for your children, I would recommend using Hard Coat if they are going to play hard with them – the Hard Coat will make them more durable.

  7. Kelley Marie says

    Oh, I said it on another page, but you can use shellac as a sealer/finish which is safe for babies to put in their mouths and it keeps the mod podge from getting gummy.