Mod Podge goes green with magazines

Mod Podge magazine mosaicI’m quite fond of this project for many reasons. One of the biggest ones is that EVERYONE has the supplies to make it. Maybe even as you read this, a very kind postal worker is stuffing your mailbox full of catalogs. Some you might read (Boden!!), and some you might wonder why you received (Newport News which I’ve never ordered from?). Good news readers: you are going to finally have a use for your junk mail.

Cate submitted this cute little mosaic to Project Nursery, and she even got her kids to participate. Another good option for paper is scrapbooking sheet extras you may have laying around. Also consider painting a canvas with a color of acrylic paint, making a mosaic and then Mod Podging over the top of it. Whatever you do, visit here first to read more about how this mosaic was created.


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    Amy, thanks so much for the link. I love this project. What a great reduce, reuse and repurpose project. And this project would fit into any season. :)