A Japanese origami frame and mini-sandals.

I have to admit, I like minis. Mini ponies, mini figurines, mini everything. Is it just me, or are things way cuter when they are mini?

That brings me to the above mini-sandals and origami frame. They were done by Valerie, who runs a blog called The Crafty Classroom. Possibly the only thing better about her projects than their use of Mod Podge is that they are educational. This is more than I can say for anything that I come up with! If you didn’t already guess, she had taught her children about the Japanese culture, and then she and the kiddies did these projects to reinforce their learning.

Valerie provides complete tutorials, one for the frame here and one for the sandals here. Okay, now I’m going to go pretend that I’m not embarassed that her children know what a sumi-e drawing is. . . and I don’t. . .