A flower embellishment tutorial

Mod Podge paper flowers

I’m going to have to start a production line in my apartment to make these delightful flower embellishments designed by Theresa at Sunshine Memories. I’m kind of serious, because I think these are awesome and I can image them on many things: frames, memo boards, the wall, my dogs. . . everywhere.

I especially love these because I have everything to make them, if only I can find my Bulldog mini stapler somewhere in Mod Podge Command Central. But my missing stapler shouldn’t stop you – visit here for Theresa’s tutorial, and look for something inspired by Theresa from me very soon.


  1. says

    Hey Amy, These are so pretty. I loved Theresa’s tutorial. Really simple and easy. These pretty embellishments remind me of my grandma’s yo-yo quilt. :)

  2. Josh and Melinda says

    Awe, do you have a Swingline too? Better find it quick, before you burn the building down! (I love ‘Office Space’!)

  3. Monika says

    Where’s my stapler? I need my stapler? (Imagine I’m using his “nasel-y” voice here. Gotta run, I have to look for my TPS reports.

  4. Okispice says

    Thanks for featuring my fan flowers Amy and thank you all for the wonderful comments all throughout my blog. I can’t wait to see what you all do with these fun flowers!

  5. Kelsey_N says

    uhhh, excuse me … I believe you … you have my staplher.

    Great flowers! I’ve done them before but never with extras on top, an idea I will have to try out!

  6. Sabii Wabii says

    I love that you posted this photo. That was one of the funniest movies! I think of it everytime my stapler goes awol!

  7. says

    Thanks everyone! You are all cracking me up with the Office Space references!

    Don’t worry – even if I can’t find the stapler, I am NOT burning down Mod Podge command central.

  8. Leanne says

    This blog is awesome. Very inspirational. I liked so much I alredy saw & will surely visit often to see much more. Love this embellishment tutorial.