Desk transformation with (what else but) the Podge

What was once old and institutional. . .

has been turned into something fabulous!

Cupkateer originally sent me a question asking if she could Podge on formica, because she wanted to refurbish the desk in the first picture (the answer is yes, with scuff sanding). Her goal: a new craft/sewing desk, non-wobbly and with drawers, very much unlike her current card table. I was impressed with her fervor, because not long after she wrote me she finished her brand new craft/sewing desk. It looks pretty fabulous.

She’s a relatively new blogger, so check her entry out here and give her some support. You can also see how well she did this project – and how little it cost her.


  1. Maggi says

    Holy cow, this blog is awesome. I would live off of Mod Podge if I could! We’re a MP family from way back (my mom used to use it on everything when I was a kid! lol) I’m adding your button to my blog!

    Love this table, what a great project!

  2. Kimberly says

    She did a really great job!! I’m thinking the green table in my craft room could use some spiffing up… adding some pretty scrapbook papers is a good idea, hmmmmmmm! :o)

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!!!!

  3. Celestina Marie says

    Hi Amy, So nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by. I so enjoyed my visit here on your terrific blog. Modpodge does rock and I use it is so many of my creative hand painted treasures.
    Love your post.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Celestina Marie

  4. Lisa says

    Love the desk!
    I mod podged a shelf the other day (pics on my blog) and I really didn’t like how the fabric part turned out but loved the paper part. Not sure what went wrong with the fabric but will be changing it as soon as I find out how to take it off. :O


  5. The DIY Show Off says

    That’s awesome! I love it! Heading over to her blog now. That’s for the introduction. :)


  6. Kristi L. says

    That looks fantastic! Great work.

    Does Mod Podge work on metal? I’ve never tried that. Anyone else tried it?

  7. says

    Thanks everyone!

    Maggi – Your blog is awesome, and Toot kills me she’s so cute.

    Pam – LOVE the layout!

    Kristi – Yes, MP works on metal. It should be clean metal though and not have a coating on it. If there’s some sort of coating or if you don’t know, you can either scuff sand it or prime it with Killz and it will work great!

  8. Hadley Family says

    Ahhhhh sensei, I should be sleeping instead of totally addicted to this blog. But it is worth the missed zzzzz’s to find this post. I have the same exact desk except it’s mustard yellow. I NOW know what I am going to do with it and it’s filing cabinet companion! Thanks so much for this fabulous blog!!!

  9. naturegal66 says

    I absolutely LOVE your blog. I am actually new to decoupage, so the ideas I’m getting from you and others you show are GREAT! Thanks so much!!