Cigar band spools done with lots of stash stuff

spoolshelf wrap3Cathe of Just Something I Made is one of my heroes, and I hope she knows that. Cathe is a fantabulous graphic designer, a talented Mod Podger and a very effective budget crafter. She’s a triple threat! One of her latest decoupage projects impressed me, and you can find the tutorial here. Using cigar labels, spools and an old box, she developed a visually-pleasing display designed to tickle. And tickle it does.

So I ask you – what do you have laying around that you can Podge? Try pairing items together that you typically wouldn’t. Etsy and Ebay are great places for vintage postcards, labels and more cheap goodies needing a little glue and a home. Then when you are done, send me your pictures. I love to get them!


  1. flyingbeader says

    That is one awesome idea! I was thinking instead of cigar bands to take vintage faces from magazines or newspapers & create a doll from them.


  2. {Pink Igloo Designs} says

    I can’t believe little miss Mod Podge stopped by my blog…what an honor! I’m just blushing that I spelled Mod Podge “Modge Podge”. Need to go back and fix that. Anyway…thanks for stopping by. You are so inspiring!

  3. Cathe Holden says

    Amy, being featured on your blog is such a treat!! I receive the NICEST visitors to my blog because of it! Thank you very much!!

  4. says

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