Tree and bird design plates – cheep cheap!

Mod Podged platesFirst of all, let me say that I LOVE the site name that this Tuesday’s project comes from – That’s So Cuegly. Linds created the blog (and the word) because she appreciates crafts and things ugly enough to be cute. I can totally relate to cuegly things. Check out my pugs:

2600004131_04da0db2a4_zAnyhoo, back to Linds’ plates. She purchased them for $1, and made her own stencil to paint in part of the designs. She then Mod Podged papers to complete these simple and inexpensive decorative plates. You may already have plates and paper, in which case this project would be free. Visit Linds here to see her tutorial for these plates and then poke around to find more Mod Podge projects – she has a few. And they are all not very cuegly, they are in fact very cute.


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    I look at your website ALL the time..I have yet to buy my first Mod Podge supplies, but you have given me such great great ideas! I can’t wait to get started and the tips are so great for MAJOR beginners such as myself..I can feel the creative juices starting to flow, love this blog!