Star window hanger – what a great kids’ project!

Mod Podge toilet paper roll window catcher

Mama King from 4 Crazy Kings has done it again – another fantastic Mod Podge project. This resulted from an experiment with toilet paper rolls. Then she did something I never expected! She made Mod Podge into a suncatcher. I was impressed. What a great kids project, and she says it’s held up well. Find information on what she did here.


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    MicheleJohnnie – thank you so much. Those shoes are awesome!!!

    Tess – I did ask Mama King that same question. She said it has held up perfectly!!!

    Carina – The standard issue definition of decoupage is gluing paper to something else. This project really doesn’t do that, it is more along the lines of pouring Mod Podge into a mold and allowing it to dry. Which is such a cool application! Anyway, check out the standard definition of decoupage her: