Mosaic bird art

Mosaic bird collage artI’m very lucky to have met LuAnne Payne, Raleigh Arts and Crafts Examiner. She is such a delightful person, and she wrote the nicest review of my blog!

Not only does she write very well, she crafts very well with Mod Podge. I loved one of her projects and so I share it with you here. It’s pictured above, and it’s one of the best canvases I’ve ever seen. I asked her how she did it, and this is what she wrote:

“I used a 4″x5″ stretched canvas. For the background I just used squares of decorative paper and glued them on the canvas with Mod Podge (of course!) to create a mosaic effect. I sealed the background papers with Mod Podge, then I painted over that and wiped away some areas of the paint so the design from the paper could show through. I drew the bird with permanent black ink. You probably already know this, but the Mod Podge keeps the paint from absorbing into the paper – – then you can use a wet paper towel to remove some paint before it dries. That is a Basic Grey rub on.”


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    That is way cute! I just love all the ideas on your blog. I have to tell you my dad is visiting and I’ve had him help me with a few mod podge projects and showed him your blog. Now he wants to do some mod podging when he gets home 😉