Mini pinata advent calendar

Mod Podge pinata Christmas tree

When I first saw this mini pinata advent calendar, I did a double take. . . very much like a cat that sees something shiny. Lots of color and mini paper bits – could it be that it uses Mod Podge? Yes, it could. And it does. Pam from Gingerbread Snowflakes created this project, and I give her props for two reasons. First of all, she thought of it, and second of all, she took the time to do it. It reminded me that, as we enter this next holiday season, I should be a more patient and kind Mod Podger. Projects such as this are worth the time it takes! Her results are absolutely amazing.

Visit Pam’s tutorial here and tell her how much you love this advent calendar. Now if only someone would make me one with a $50 Starbucks card in each pinata. . . my 2009 would be complete!


  1. Dallas Designing-Diva says

    Sweet. Every year, we have advent calendars for the kids….it’s just one our traditions we hope they’ll pass on to their families. I can’t wait for them to come home & see this project.

  2. says

    Oh cute!! even though I have no idea what an advent calender is. I assume it has something to do with Christmas?

  3. pam says

    Oh! Amy, thank you so much for making my little pinatas the subject of today’s post. It never occurred to me to use anything other than ModPodge for this project – but I had no idea when I began just how key it would be in the construction – especially that little flap that covers the “candy hole”.

    Thank you for you kind words and enthusiasm for this project.