An inexpensive dresser re-do

Mod Podge dresser re-do

Moneywise Moms is a pretty fabulous blog, and if you are a mom (even if you aren’t actually) you should definitely visit there for some money saving tips, great recipes and . . . drum roll. . . fabulous DIY projects. Gina, purveyor of the site, has been on a home improvement kick this summer, and so she decided to do something with Mod Podge. As you can imagine, I fully encourage and support this behavior.

Gina decided to do a dresser re-do, pictured above. I love furniture re-dos with Mod Podge and this one is exceptional. As Gina told me, she is a perfectionist and that is obvious by the finished project. Please visit here for the tutorial and tell her what you think of her awesome dresser. Also note that she spent less than $30 for the entire thing. Not too shabby!


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    Thanks for all your help, Amy! You neglected to mention the 85 times I emailed you asking questions before I finished the project. :)