Fun yellow silverware holder

Mod Podge DIY silverware holder

Down and Out Chic (Christina) is one of my favorite blogger friends. She’s a talented Mod Podger, and she always does really fantastic projects with things that she finds or thrifts. This brown silverware holder was brown and ugly before she got her hands on it. View her blog entry about this here, and then also see the amazing side table transformation she did (with Mod Podge, of course) right here. Christina’s blog is very fun and stylish; you’ll enjoy.


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    Hi Amy – Thanks for stopping by Mulligan Stew. Glad you liked the project. Not sure when I’ll have an opportunity to actually make it – but I hope to sometime this winter.

    Your blog is really cute. Fabulously creative ideas. Love the dresser that was painted black and covered with old dictionary pages. I’m going to refer my friend Laura to your blog. She’s super creative and always looking for decorating ideas.

    Have a great rest of the week. Cheers, Cindy

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    Thanks everyone! And Lo – I too would store paint brushes in it – paint brushes or my stolen pen collection. It’s an accident, I promise! I don’t mean to be a pen thief. . .