Trash to treasure – paper caddy!

Sara’s Art House is a true delight to visit. She’s colorful, she’s fun – and she loves Mod Podge. One of the projects that caught my eye was this paper/mail caddy that she got from the Goodwill. You can see how plain it was on the left. An empty Mod Podge canvas! On the right, she’s dressed it up with black paint, scrapbooking papers and a little Mod Podge. Please visit the trash to treasure entry about this project here, but then take a peek around her entire blog. You are going to find TONS of Mod Podge and general crafting inspiration!


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    Oooh! Thanks for posting my pictures!!!! I had a lot of fun with that little project- it was small so it took no time at all- but makes me happy!!!!

    Thanks so much and keep up the good blogging and mod podgin’ :) :)

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    I just found your blog and I’m SO GRATEFUL I DID!! I love mod podge and you can be sure I will be a frequent visitor.

    K, I kinda have a challenge for you… my 4-year old just fractured her arm and is getting the cast on in three more days. What kinda mod podge fun can I have with this? Any? I would LOVE any feedback you can give me… and if you come up with anything, I promise to blog about it all, or send the pictures to you in case you’d like to blog your mod podge cast ideas.

    nmcdougal at gmail dot com