Decorated binder clips – it’s the little things

How to decorate binder clipsI work in Marketing, and there are a lot of women in my department. One thing I’ve noticed in working with so many women is that we like our office supplies to be attractive – decorative folders, star-shaped sticky notes, sparkle-y pens, paper clips shaped like flowers. . . I mean, why not? Must we surround ourselves with black steno books and simple blue pens? Of course we shouldn’t.

Christian from Who Would’ve Thought? created these wonderful little blinder clip gems to give as teacher gifts. It made me think some of the ladies around my workplace would love these in a little holiday gift basket. Christian shows you what she did right here. Hmmm. . . what else can I decorate at my desk?


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    Thanks for stopping by our blog so that I can come to see yours! It is so cool, I love it! You have great projects I can’t wait to try them!


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    I love this idea- its so simple yet so useful! I love mod podge, so excited you commented on my blog so I could find you!