Time for another game, I mean Yahtzee, posting

Mod Podge family yahtzee game

Typing this blog entry has made a difference in my life. Why? I can finally spell Yahtzee correctly, and now I am smarter. Before it was Yahtsee. Yachtsie. Yajtzie. I know – embarrassing.

Stacey at The Thrifty Chick has game nights with her children, and decided she would reproduce some of her favorite games. She wanted to make her versions “a little more personal,” and the pictured game above was her result. Though her blog no longer exists, you can easily make this game by following this tutorial at The Idea Room. Pick any images you like – or photos. Then have fun!


  1. Monica says

    The tutorial doesn’t exist anymore can you send me details for the Yahtzee game including score sheet personalization and additional parts.

    • Amy says

      Hi Monica – the blog doesn’t exist anymore because the blog author passed away shortly after this post. Sorry!