How about another bowl?

Mod Podge a bowl out of magazinesThis bowl may look familiar to you; you are not going crazy, you saw it here. It wasn’t the same bowl though, now was it? No, it wasn’t. I liked the first bowl so much that I decided to show off another one from Jessica at How About Orange. She’s crafty, she’s creative. . . she’s fun. Take a visit to her blog for several Mod Podge projects.

The bowl above is made of recycled scraps of paper, a small amount of paint and Mod Podge. What a cute gift – inexpensive – delightful! Visit How About Orange right now.


  1. Texas Green Blog says

    Love the blog and these mod podge bowls are super! We like anything home made because it promotes re-use of materials, super green!

    Martin :)

  2. cre8vldy says

    I like the woven basket, unfortunately the link is for a coiled bowl/basket, do you have a tutorial for the woven basket?