Decoupage notebooks on what happens to be a desk with Mod Podge

Decoupage fabric covered notebooksNikki at Tales from a Tiny Apartment is not just smart because she uses a plant pot for desk storage – she also uses Mod Podge to decoupage notebooks and make them pretty! She notes that “they must be the ugliest office/school supplies to ever grace the planet.” I can’t argue that logic.

Nor can I argue with Mod Podging, which is always a good idea. And that is what she did to these notebooks. Nikki used the inexpensive fabric squares purchased from Jo-Ann with Mod Podge to create these babies. I love her budget-mindedness, and the fact that she displayed these for her photo on a desk that she Mod Podged. You know how the furniture is my favorite thing.

Please visit this entry to see what she did. Also remember that not only are projects like this great for crafting on a budget, but they are perfect little gifties and easy for kids, too!


  1. nikkidwright says

    Thanks for the link Amy! I also discovered a neato blog application through your facebook page. I’m giving that a try as well.

  2. Xazmin says

    Those notebooks are gorgeous!

    I love recovering notebooks, but so far have only done the double sided tape method.

    I’m definitely trying this out!