A word is dead, when it is said, some say

Mod Podge 'nest' home decorThat is one of my favorite poems. Why? Simple, and simply put. And so true. It’s therapy to express oneself, through writing; through art. That is why I love the site Creative Therapy. Every week CT features a project from a different artist, a project that stems from a different question or idea–with the goal to be thought provoking. The project above is one of those.

Linda Albrecht was the guest artist who created this piece, and she used Mod Podge as one of the ingredients. Read about the project, about why “nest” is a word she loves, and learn more about creative therapy here.


  1. Small House says

    I think you just made my day with your blog. What a fun place to visit.

    Have a good day.

  2. amybluestar says

    Awesome! Glad you like. I’m always open to suggestions for posts or general improvements if you think of any.