A magazine table re-do!

Mintage Home’s magazine rack refurbishing project gives me the awesome tickles because, as many of you know, it has become my mission in life to re-do every piece of ugly furniture on this planet with Mod Podge. In fact, the weekly project last Monday was a table done by yours truly!

DO NOT be intimidated by decoupaging furniture – it’s easier than it looks. I provide a DIY tutorial in this other entry, but also read here for the steps that Mintage Home went through to bring back to life this most awesome piece.


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    I know – it’s so cool! I just recently decoupaged a table and I’m going to post it here soon. I HIGHLY recommend Hard Coat; no stickiness.

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    That is awesome! The colors are what toally make this work. Feel free to reblog my Mod Podge map bracelet post. :)