Patchwork candles on a budget – great for gifting!

Mod Podged dollar store luminariesPlease meet Libby – Mod Podge user and creator of the ingenious. One of my faults with Mod Podge is that I tend to overdo projects. That is why I turn to other people for kinder, simpler crafting ideas. It’s not necessarily the most decorated project that is the cutest – case in point with these candles!

Libby used dollar store candles and decorative fabric to cover them. She also did it with her kids. I would love some of these for my apartment! Check out her blog and get more information here.


  1. libbydibby says

    thanks amy (and ashlee)

    these are really fun to do.
    we just whipped up another batch as end of the year presents for the preschool teachers…
    some of them were a little tamer, even, using only one fabric gets a more classic design idea across…. I like the look both ways.

    and if my 3 and 4 year olds can do it, so can you!