A memory game – no ginkgo biloba required

memory memory3

When I was young, it wasn’t the electronic or complicated toys and games that attracted me. My favorite pastime was hanging out in a little clearing outside with a stump table and bench my dad made (and by made I mean chain-sawed). I would bring books outside with me as well as the game Memory. I could play by myself, which helped since I didn’t have siblings for awhile.

Connie from Green Apple Orchard created this little memory game, and it takes me back to a good place in my childhood. I have to say, this memory game is much cooler than mine was. It’s probably something you can create with materials you already have around the house. Check out what she did here. And if you’ve never played before, give it a try . . . it’s fun!


  1. Becky says

    :) your blog is awesome! I just discovered Mod Podge (kinda) and always call it Pod Modge accidentally – anyways – there are soooo many amazing uses for it on your blog!! Can’t wait to keep following :)