Awesome desk is right! Here we go again. . .

Mod Podge desk revamp tutorial Mod Podge desk revampLately I just love revamped furniture. I know, I’m repetitive. It’s just that I can picture myself spending weekdays fixing up old furniture rather than working. Unfortunately someone has to feed the three mutts I live with, so back to work I go!  In the meantime, I’m happy to post refurbishing projects that others are doing. This particular desk is awesome. See what J. Caroline Creative did here.


  1. CinnabarBlue says

    Thanx for the comment on my blog. My family will be amazed that I have found someone who loves “Mod Podge” as much as I do. Love your great projects. I will definetly keep visiting. Lori

  2. jenjen says

    So cute! I am dying to mod podge a desk. I really want to do the drawers in different black and white papers. I think it would be so cute. I hope I find some good things to do at garage sales this summer!