Recycled matchbox “chest of drawers”

Recycled matchbox "chest of drawers"Let’s face it; times are tough for a lot of crafters. I don’t just mean money – I’m actually kind of referring to something entirely different. At least for myself, inspiration is always a challenge that lives on a sliding scale. Sometimes it’s a “1” and I know exactly what to do – other times it’s a “10” and I stare at the Mod Podge bottle.

Mondays can be so ho-hum, so I challenge you on this fine April Monday. Use what you already have in your stash to inspire you and create a project. Paint. Yarn. Buttons. Fabric. Beads. Ribbon. Wrapping paper. What do you have around the house that can be decoupaged? What surface are you about to throw away – and what can you do with it besides add it to the landfill?

I’m posting this matchbox project because it completely fulfills the challenge that I have given to you above. Get the supplies and instructions here. Now don’t be scared. Grab that old, tired frame you are sick of looking at or the milk carton from Easter breakfast yesterday and get your Mod Podge on!


  1. Tami says

    This post brought back a flood of memories. I used to make these for my barbies….with Mod Podge! We had it way back in 1970!