Artwork a la’ Warhol

cathie filian modern dog artI’m crazy about my dogs, and I’m guessing if you have them that you are too (cats also count)! My friends Cathie and Steve have created this project to capture your favorite pet, Warhol style. Yes, you can do it with Mod Podge! Get the supply list and the instructions here.


  1. robinrane says

    Woman I love your blog!!!! This is off the charts amazing…So glad I found you…and feature the banner if you like it! Mod Podge is my most FAVORITE thing on earth! Perhaps that’s a bit of an overstatement but really I love the MP!!!
    Happy Tuesday!

  2. amybluestar says

    Hey Robin! Glad you like. And thank you for letting me feature the banner – I LOVE it! OH, and I totally understand loving MP. I do too 😀

    Happy Tuesday back!